Vito: A Comprehensive Approach to Gut Health Management

Vito provides convenient, data-backed tools for anyone looking to manage and improve their digestive health. With Vito, people can improve digestion, track their nutritional information, and set customized goals based on their own preferences.
A digital solution to an analog problem, Vito gives you the tools to manage your digestive and gut health from the tips of your fingers.

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As tech becomes more engrained in everything we do, many industry leaders are experimenting with how exactly technological advancements can help to further push the boundaries of their own fields of expertise. Vito, a leader in gut health management, knew this and wanted to develop a complete experience for their users by developing a fully integrated mobile application. The challenge Vito brought was the need for their application to be completely comprehensive. From tracking food, mood, sleep, and water to stomach pain and supplements, Vito wanted an app to do it all from the push of a button. Vito chose Dash as their application development partner, not only because Dash would make a great app, but because they would still be able to build a sleek, user-friendly app incorporated with all the features Vito desired.


Under Vito’s directive of using community feedback to create the best app possible, Dash knew that delivering the best customer experience was the most important factor to be taken into consideration for the company. By incorporating market research, an agile development methodology, and a team of A-level experts, Dash developed the following solutions for Vito’s existing challenges:

  • Developing the UI/UX of the hybrid application
  • Application development for iOS and Android platforms
  • Designing the web Interface for the admin panel
  • Implementation of the server
  • Deployment of the apps to the store and back-end

Features and Specifications:

We call it a dietitian-in-your-pocket since it was created for both health management and to aid other dieticians in helping people make lifestyle changes and dietary choices that can improve their well-being and outlook. Specifically, Vito incorporates these key features:

  • A built-in calendar that can track eating habits
  • A log to manage if you’re getting enough fruits and vegetables
  • Ability to track calorie and water intake
  • Observe the physical state faster & easier than ever
  • Keeps track of how your gut health is doing


Users love the depth of knowledge and features that include a daily record of their health, symptom tracking, meal plans and recipes, real-time answers to FAQs from the in-built chatbot, alerts, tips, advice, and guidance on fostering a healthier gut and lifestyle. Unsurprisingly, the app has also become a valuable resource for people who are suffering from digestive issues. Vito lets users stay conscious of their diet regimen and stay in control of their health.

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