How Does an Advanced Surgery Management Platform Revolutionize Operating Rooms for Remote Case Coverage & Enhanced Intraoperative Decision-Making?

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Transformed surgical workflows with a role-based digital Work Instruction platform by enhancing communication and dynamic techniques. This solution captures comprehensive information for contextual insights, driving efficiency and better outcomes through data driven best practices.

About the Client

Streamlined surgical workflows for efficient decision-making during surgeries.

A leading healthcare firm leveraging the application, equipped with a specialized tool providing a user-friendly interface, comprehensive surgical procedure views, and flexible section management capabilities.

Business Challenges

The application aimed to boost hospital efficiency by delivering on-demand metrics, aiding in the assessment of various performance aspects.

Real-Time Remote Support Integration

Real-Time Remote Surgical Assistance

Data Gathering Complexity

Configuration Screen Customization

Our Solution

The client deployed the application that strives to boost hospital efficiency by delivering on-demand metrics, facilitating the assessment of various performance aspects.

Surgery Content Management System

Introduced the Surgery Content Management System (SCMS), a powerful tool allowing easy configuration and customization of application screens for streamlined surgical content management.

Role-Based Digital Work Instruction

Implemented a role-based digital work instruction platform, transforming communication and decision-making for surgical staff based on pre-operative planning and intraoperative scenarios.

Remote Presence and Connectivity

Facilitated seamless interaction and connectivity between remote experts, clinical advisors, and the operating room staff, ensuring real-time support without physical presence.

Facilitated Seamless Video Communication

Enabled real-time collaboration, knowledge sharing, and remote assistance during surgeries, enhancing decision-making and patient outcomes.

Introduced Innovative Foot Pedal Functionality

Introduced a foot pedal feature for hands-free access, promoting sterile conditions and ensuring a seamless and efficient workflow in the operating room.

Integrated Hands-Free Voice Command

Improved accessibility and convenience with hands-free interaction during surgeries or multitasking, enhancing the overall user experience.

Clinical and Technical Support

Provided comprehensive clinical and technical support, fostering a collaborative environment and enhancing decision-making during medical procedures.

Optimized Performance Metrics

Gained valuable insights into labor costs, supply costs, profitability, on-time performance, workflow efficiency, and service quality to optimize hospital operations.

Business Outcome

Optimized Hospital Operations: A Data-Driven Efficiency Solution.

An implementation that led to a specialized tool which provides surgeons with a user-friendly interface for a comprehensive view of procedures, including patient details, steps, images, and relevant documents.
  • Elevated Surgical Precision & Streamlined Workflow
  • Enhanced Surgical Staff Collaboration
  • Surgeons Empowered with Video Calling
  • Revolutionized User Interaction with Voice Command Enabled Navigation
  • Improved Workflow with Foot-Pedal Functionality
After Effect
Zoom WebSDK
Angular Material UI
Azure DevOps
Azure App Service

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