Custom ERP Solution for a Rural Transit Service Provider: Enhancing Accessibility for Specially Abled, Seniors, & those with Limited Commute Options.

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DASH streamlined operations for a Gilbert, Minnesota based Nonprofit Organization (NPO) dedicated to ground passenger transportation. We streamlined processes, enhanced coordination, and simplified application interface to cater to the diverse needs of travelers and community members. Their Dial-A-Ride solution ensures that no one is left behind in accessing flexible public transportation, also facilitating commuters seeking last-mile connectivity.

About the Client

The largest rural public transportation system, committed to delivering reliable services to residents.

The organization offers affordable, safe, and accessible public transportation, fostering independence and self-reliance while connecting communities with vital services and opportunities. From scheduled services to their volunteer driving program, they ensure convenient transportation options for all. Unlike traditional routes, Dial-A-Ride provides flexible inner-city public transportation tailored to individual needs.

Business Challenges

Aiming to build a centralized platform to ensure improved efficiency, data visibility, and seamless communication while providing accessible transportation.

Legacy Trip Management Platforms

Operational Efficiency Streamlining

Capacity Demand Addressing Solution

Tracking Real-time Trips

Automated Report Integration

Our Solution

The client implemented flexible and personalized public transportation solution for adaptable commuting needs, providing efficient inner-city travel.

Integrated Digital Solutions

The implementation of digital solutions streamlined processes, automating tasks from trip scheduling to claim billing, enhancing effectiveness and precision.

Reduced Reliance on Paper-Based Systems

By reducing manual processes and paper-based systems, errors were minimized, and the billing process was expedited, improving overall workflow efficiency.

Web App Incorporation & Improved Operational Efficiency

Optimized workflow processes and automated tasks through web app deployment and seamless integration with collabMD.

Real-Time Data Sharing

The solution facilitates streamlined communication and enables instant access to critical information, promoting informed decision-making.

Business Outcome

Facilitating Growth Through Automated Workflows & Expanded Service Reach.

The implementation resulted in significant improvements, enhancing operational efficiency.
  • Streamlined administrative processing with automation
  • Improved customer experience by reducing wait
  • Dashboard visualization for data-driven decisions
  • Broadened service reach by extending servers to additional regions
Process Mining
Database Migration
(UX) Enhancements

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