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DASH streamlined election campaigns for an Ohio based organization by providing an affordable and accessible platform that seamlessly integrates with web and mobile applications. Through its responsive data insights and comprehensive functionality, it empowers users to manage canvassing, conduct surveys, raise funds, and analyze data effectively. This system integration ensures real-time data collection and analysis, democratizing the electoral process and making it attainable for individuals.

About the Client

Focusing on the need to transform spreadsheets and paper into an interactive agile campaign on a scalable platform

The co-founder of CampaignHQ and former Ohio State Representative, Mark Fraizer states that the App was developed to address a specific need - to empower politicians to run campaigns more efficiently and effectively. With the end-user in mind, the system integrates a web portal and mobile app to enable top-in class functionality with easy-to-use design. Built on real world experience, it ensures novice or tenured campaigns have the tools and support they need to build awareness, target key populations, and leverage key reporting to ensure success.

Business Challenges

Aimed to construct a platform for campaigns to be more agile, responsive, enabling accessible and affordable elections. Campaigning involves unique challenges like door-to-door canvassing, engaging with constituents, and more - all directly linked to limited budgets and resources.

Streamline Campaign Efficiency

Financial Accessibility

Innovate Tech-Driven Electoral

User-Friendly Platform for Comprehensive Engagement

Data Integrity in Securing Campaign Management

Our Solution

From targeting voters to tracking financials, the platform supports campaigns in all aspects and serves as an essential partner in success. This innovation made elections more accessible, promoting informed decision-making throughout campaigns.

Integrated Web and Mobile Platform

Developed a comprehensive web application to manage election campaigns, seamlessly integrated with a user-friendly mobile application that empowered canvassers to efficiently collect and upload real-time data.

Affordable Accessibility

Provided a cost-effective solution that democratized elections, making them accessible to individuals with limited financial resources who previously found it challenging to compete in electoral campaigns.

Campaign Management Tools

Equipped the platform with robust campaign management features, including organizing canvasses, conducting surveys, fundraising activities, and analyzing data to derive actionable insights, thereby streamlining the entire electoral process.

Smart Canvassing Management

Implemented intelligent algorithms to effectively divide and manage canvassing efforts, optimizing walk lists and enhancing the efficiency of campaign outreach activities.

Real-Time Data Analysis

Enabled real-time data analysis capabilities, allowing campaign teams to gather and analyze crucial information on-the-fly, facilitating informed decision-making and strategy adjustments during the election campaign.

Democratized Election Participation

Expanded the pool of potential candidates by making it feasible for anyone, regardless of financial resources, to contemplate running for office, thereby promoting inclusivity and diversity in electoral representation.

Business Outcome

Focusing on the needs of modern candidates and non-profit campaigns.

Revolutionized political participation to overcome through a comprehensive web and mobile platform. This innovation democratized elections, fostering inclusivity and informed decision-making in the election campaigns.
  • Integrated Campaign Management Suite
  • Groundbreaking Web Portal for Campaigns
  • Secure Mobile App for Canvassing
  • Real-Time Reporting Integration
  • Custom Contact Center
  • Stable Operations: Integrated Data Solutions
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