Innovative Healthcare Solution: Streamlined Musculoskeletal Surgical Operations & Advanced Patient Care for a Fortune 500 Industry Leader in Orthopedic Space.

MedTech & Healthcare • Multimedia Management, AI/ML Analytics, Cloud, Web App

DASH integrated an intelligent operating room, removing certain manual interactions with complex software by replacing it with automation driven by artificial intelligence* (object recognition technology). Our execution led substantial progress that automates the collection of data, providing real-time access to workflow metrics to support data-driven decision making for OR workflow optimization.

About the Client

Driving Global Medical Innovation by Providing Hospitals with Intelligent Operating Room Solutions.

As a medical technology leader in medical device/solutions, with a comprehensive portfolio designed to maximize mobility and improve health. Specializing in a Smart OR system, aiming to alleviate pain and improve the quality of life for patients around the world. They deliver on promise by automating key workflow events and enabling care teams to drive OR utilization and efficiency in real time.

Business Challenges

To build a fully integrated digital solution, the objective was to assist hospitals and care providers in automating manual processes within the OR room, thereby saving time and costs while enhancing the overall customer experience.

Digital Workflow Streamlining

Proactive Stakeholder Communication

Enhanced Patient Experience

AI-Enabled Live Surgery Event Recognition

Multimedia Data Management & Relay

Our Solution

The client deployed an all-encompassing Data Analytics and Multimedia Management solution, strategically integrating with AI, to effectively address challenges across desktops, integrated hardware, and wall displays inside the OR. 

Streamlined User Experience

Addressed challenges in UI/UX design, including interface, navigation, structure, HCI, user research, usability, and accessibility.

Achieved Remote Accessibility & Functionality

Successfully met challenges in creating a web application for remote access to ensure seamless connectivity and usability.

Executed Integrated Native Application Development

Overcame complexities in developing a Windows Native application for desktops and integrating it with hardware and wall displays inside the OR.

Ensured Robust Data Management & security

Tackled challenges in data analytics for hospital administration, multimedia content management, AI/ML integration for image/video datasets, PACS server integration over DICOM, and reinforced security with HIE Engine and HL7 FHIR.

Business Outcome

Surgical innovation - Elevated Patient Care - Hospital Operational Efficiency.

The implementation led to significant improvements, including achieving seamless integration, smart surgery practices, live surgery viewing for patients' guardians, and AI-powered intelligent surgeries.
  • Streamlined Operation Room Processes
  • Remote Surgical Consultations
  • Live Surgery Viewing for Guardians
  • AI-Enhanced Smart Surgeries
  • Comprehensive Patient Care Experience
  • Secure EHR/EMR Integration
Data Factory
Cosmos DB
Azure Cache Redis
Cefsharp windows
Winform application mvc application WPF application

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