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Engineer with a Multifaceted Team to Develop your Product from Idea to Production

At DASH, our proven process adheres to the highest development standards. From conception to market, our teams collaborate closely to guide the product’s evolution based on recommendations from our engineering and quality assurance experts.

Our software development activities are controlled and structured through audited and certified processes, ensuring service quality and customer satisfaction. Our dedicated teams develop your products in accordance with relevant harmonized standards, streamlining time-to-market and easing approval processes with regulatory authorities.

DASH serves as a collaborative development partner for numerous product companies spanning various industry verticals, seeking tailored services in embedded systems and software development. Our commitment to engineering innovation and excellence has paved the way for the realization of many groundbreaking products and solutions for our valued clients.

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Our Full Range of Device Engineering Services

From conceptualization to market realization, explore our device engineering services, guiding you through every stage of product development. Our dedicated team ensures precision in design, seamless prototyping, rigorous testing, and efficient manufacturing, fostering a holistic approach to bring your innovative ideas to life.

Embedded Systems & Software Development

  • Embedded GUI and Usability Engineering
  • Device Drivers & Firmware Development
  • Native Device apps – Android, Linux, Windows
  • Sensor, Controller & Battery Integration
  • Integration with Internal & External Infra
  • Machine Learning & Edge Computing

Multimedia Management & Solutions

  • Image & Video Data Annotation
  • Audio, Image, Video Processing & Analytics
  • PACS architecture & software development
  • DICOM, Zoom, & HL7 FHIR integration
  • 4K Video Transcoding, NDI, & H264
  • Cloud communication over RTP/RTSP & HLS

Device Connectivity & IoT

  • Data aggregation from multiple sources 
  • Wi-Fi, BLE & LTE Wireless Connectivity 
  • Ethernet, USB, HDMI Wired Connectivity 
  • SDK, Middleware & Cloud Agent integration 
  • Device Management, Monitoring & Diagnostics 
  • Connected applications integration support 

Product Sustenance Engineering

  • Interface Revamp & Feature Enhancements 
  • Obsolescence Management 
  • Value & Process Engineering 
  • Technology Migration 
  • Test Automation 
  • Hot Fixes, Release & Process Management 

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Accelerate your Product Design & Development 

We're not just a development partner; we're your dedicated ally in device engineering. Serving an array of product companies across industries, our expertise in tailored services for embedded systems and software development brings innovation to life.

Engage with Our Engineering Team for Transformative & Innovative Solutions 

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Our Engagement Models

Tailored to suit your needs, our adaptable collaboration models offer short-term and long-term engagement options, enabling you to seamlessly scale resources as needed or control costs with sustained dedicated resources. 

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