Integrated an Offline Measurement System with Intelligent Alerts & Real-Time Data Analysis to Revolutionize Efficiency During Legacy System Migration.

Automation • AI/ML Analytics, Desktop, Cloud Development

Dash streamlined SDLC for an Ohio-based measurement system R&D company, enhancing processes. Their solution provided real-time, accurate data for decision-making, fostering a culture of data-driven decisions and empowering proactive actions through a smart alert system.

About the Client

Incorporated Agile collaboration and advanced UI design drive growth and seamless innovation in operations.

As a 100% U.S. owned and operated company, with precision measured in microns, who offers tailored solutions across industries like medical devices, communications, energy, aerospace, and automotive, providing deep application knowledge in non-contact measurement and control solutions.

Business Challenges

The model aimed to tackle complexities in modern software architecture, upgrading legacy systems and enhancing UI/UX. Through meticulous release planning for business growth, we transitioned to sustainable platforms while improving system responsiveness, ultimately revolutionizing technology and user experience.

Complex Architecture

Real-Time Data Analytics

Legacy System Overhaul

Outdated UI/UX

Performance Standards

Our Solution

The client deployed the model, showcasing collaborative efforts with the DASH engineering team, emphasizing agile development, meticulous release planning, and modern design tools, resulting in significant UX and system architecture improvements.

Seamless Collaboration

Built a model of operation where the client and DASH engineering team collaborated seamlessly.

Agile Release Planning

Planned releases aimed at delivering maximum business value and driving growth, utilizing AGILE principles within a short timeframe.

Customizable UI Editor

Developed a user-friendly editor to build the HMI with high degree of customization both in terms of GUI and dataflow. The runtime GUI can render large volumes of data in real time, with upgrades to system architecture including the implementation of microservices.

Enhanced User Experience

Improved User Experience (UX) by leveraging the latest design tools and technologies such as FIGMA and ANGULAR.

Business Outcome

This innovative solution guaranteed real-time accurate information pivotal for decision-making.

The client deployed the model, showcasing collaborative efforts with the DASH engineering team.
  • Message Queuing Systems for Seamless Workflow
  • High-Volume Data Processing
  • Customizable Applications
  • Legacy System Migration
  • Visualizing Processes for User-Centric Experience
Java FX

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