Dash Technologies Announces Strategic Collaboration with KeborMed to Propel Digital Health Solutions Forward

By Dash Technologies Inc., May 15, 2024
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Dash Technologies, Inc., a distinguished professional services firm headquartered in Columbus, Ohio, is proud to announce its strategic collaboration with KeborMed, a renowned connected care platform. This partnership marks a significant milestone for Dash Technologies, as it enriches our ecosystem and sets new horizons for innovation in digital health.

On 14th May, 2024, an announcement was made in Columbus, OH regarding a partnership between Dash Technologies and KeborMed. This partnership will allow Dash Technologies to take advantage of KeborMed’s expertise and capabilities in connected care. This will help us provide solutions that can improve healthcare delivery and enhance patient outcomes.

Dash Technologies recognizes that innovation in digital health is critical to the future of healthcare, and we are committed to driving this innovation through partnerships with industry leaders like KeborMed. We are excited about the opportunities this collaboration will bring and look forward to working together to create a better future for healthcare.

Advancing Connectivity in Healthcare

With its global presence and expertise in IT solutions, Dash Technologies joins hands with KeborMed to offer advanced connectivity solutions in healthcare. Leveraging KeborMed’s platform renowned for its seamless integration capabilities, this collaboration aims to support healthcare innovators at every stage of their journey. KeborMed’s ISO 13485 certification and FDA master file acceptance further strengthen this partnership, facilitating the development of innovative digital health solutions.

Radu Iancu, CEO of KeborMed, expressed excitement about the collaboration: “We are thrilled to partner with Dash Technologies, a reputable company with shared values and a commitment to innovation. This collaboration not only strengthens our local ties but also amplifies both companies’ capabilities on a global scale. Together, we will drive healthcare innovation to new heights.

Accelerating Digital Health Solutions

This collaboration’s main goal is to accelerate the development of digital health solutions, streamlining the path to production for pharmaceutical and medical applications. Through the partnership program, connected solutions are not only on the simplest path to FDA approval and full compliance but are also designed for straightforward maintenance and integration. With interoperability as a foundational feature of the KeborMed platform, this collaboration expands both companies’ capacity to serve a broader range of clients, ultimately enhancing the network effect that benefits all stakeholders.

Shani Bhavsar, CEO/CTO of Dash Technologies, echoed the sentiment, stating, “Partnering with KeborMed aligns perfectly with Dash Technologies’ mission to innovate within the tech landscape, especially in healthcare. Our expertise in custom software solutions uniquely positions us to enhance this collaboration. We’re excited to merge our technological capabilities with KeborMed’s innovative platform, driving the development of accessible and effective healthcare technologies.

About KeborMed

KeborMed offers a robust ISO 13485-certified Platform as a Service (PaaS) that integrates and drives a multitude of healthcare applications and innovations. Streamlining digital health connectivity with a plug-and-play implementation ensures genuine platform savings and measurable results. Clients and partners can effortlessly acquire, process, and share device data, ensuring compliance with industry regulations. Learn more at KeborMed.

About Dash Technologies

Headquartered in Columbus, Ohio, Dash Technologies is a renowned global professional services firm specializing in custom software solutions. With a notable focus on MedTech and Healthcare, Dash Technologies has garnered numerous awards and nominations for its innovative work in Medical Internet of Things (MIoT), Device System Integration, and Connected Application Development. Learn more at Dash Technologies.

This collaboration between KeborMed and Dash Technologies heralds a new era of innovation in digital health solutions, promising to reshape the landscape for the better. Stay tuned for more updates as we embark on this transformative journey together.

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