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Every retailer needs software and we’re building it.

Dash redefines how retail businesses operate in an omnichannel world, through our custom software solutions. It’s a multichannel approach and we excel at connecting everything that makes a retailer work better, smarter, and faster. Whether it’s Point of Sale (PoS), Order Management Systems (OMS), or Customer Relationship Management (CRM), you need these key parts to work together seamlessly. Our team understands both start-ups and large retail networks. Let us help you with a strategic solution that delivers streamlined supply chain management and a superior customer experience.

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We lead the way in the Development as a Service (DaaS) community. That’s programming and coding on a project basis to connect machine learning, data science, and artificial intelligence (AI) to your store’s apps, website, and more. We connect the dots between back of store, brick and mortar, online marketplaces, logistics, and the customer experience. Plus, our team develops and plans ahead for how we can connect to your future ideas and concepts. Dash believes in delivering a highly personalized program that helps you successfully deliver relevant, value-added experiences for your customers.

Our Retail Development Services

B2C Commerce Platforms
Customized, Recommended Products
Multi-vendor Platforms
Retail ERP Software
Delivery Solutions
Magneto Enterprise Solutions

Our Story

Our agile development methodology and sprint project management helps retail clients envision, build, and run more innovative and efficient storefront businesses. Whether you’re looking to achieve scale through advanced automation, AI, and machine learning, or gather surface insights around customer behavior and patterns, we offer a variety of customizable engagement models. Apps, gaming, insights, PoS—at the end of the day, our project managers are IT rock stars who know how to execute.

Our founder, Shani Bhavsar, brings a wealth of experience working for Fortune 500 companies, like Cardinal Health. Headquartered in Columbus, Ohio, Dash was recently listed as the fastest growing private business in Columbus by Inc. Magazine and among the 20 most popular promising retail providers by CIO Review Magazine. We have 50 developers in-house and 100 off-shore working around the clock for our clients, meaning we’re local if you want it, global if you need it.

At Dash, we have a visionary approach to customer service and the retail experience, supported by a powerhouse of local and off-shore, 24-7 resources. We know the value in having the right software tools in place to aggregate, analyze, and leverage data to grow your retail business and see a greater ROI .”


Ideas Developed

Technology is the international language, and it allows your customers to shop from anywhere in the world. Machine learning, data science and AI aren’t unique, but knowing how to put them together quickly and efficiently in a marketplace strategy that grows your business, IS unique. And it’s our strength. We excel for our clients by being experts in seamlessly combining technologies and staying ahead by adding to our expertise. Our domestic and global base of programmers, developers, and project managers keep things running around the clock.

Why Choose Dash?

The world is window shopping, and so are you. We have solutions for every size of retail business. Whether you are a large retailer looking for a fresh perspective, or a start-up storefront looking for expertise as you grow, we can develop and customize software programs that work efficiently and are up-and-running quickly. Think of us as your personal growth engine.

Our goal is to have your experience with Dash equal the experience you deliver your customers. From PoS to inventory and OMS; from CRM to rewards; from analytics to scanners; to managing store staff incentives and goals.


⦁ Is a development and programming powerhouse
⦁ Has a global reach
⦁ Helps make your business dreams a reality
⦁ Includes more than 300 expert developers, analysts & scientists
⦁ Has more than 150 retail clients
⦁ Delivered 450+ successful projects

Our Process

Communication, speed and efficiency are the keys to the long-term and successful adoption of omnichannel programs in any business, especially retailers. Whether brick and mortar or online, building a streamlined user experience will keep your team happy, make your customers keep coming back, and help you stay ahead of the competition.

Our collaborative process focuses on:

  • Requirements
  • Engineering
  • Project Management
  • Creation & Collaboration
  • Team Communication

We are leaders in adopting the latest tools and technologies to get the job done.


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