Top 6 Brilliant IoT Mobile Business App Ideas for Startups to Launch in 2022

By Dash Technologies Inc., April 1, 2024
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The concept of smart homes would thrive as the Internet of Things (IoT) continues to evolve.
Mobile devices serve as the primary interface for interacting with IoT-enabled devices in this era.
As per the IoT-based mobile application development trend, industries use IoT devices for real-time monitoring, tracking, task automation, data-based decision making, time and money savings, and so on.
You can see IoT solutions in healthcare, wearable devices, agriculture equipment, retail sectors, vehicles etc.

According to a forecast released by Statista in 2020, the number of IoT devices installed worldwide will increase from 8.74 billion in 2020 to over 25.4 billion by 2030.

Looking at the numbers, it’s clear that IoT technology is growing rapidly.
This blog offers helpful information on IoT mobile app development. Continue reading to learn how IoT is influencing mobile app development.

What is the Internet of Things (IoT)?

IoT is a network of connected sensors, instruments, and other devices. Sensors gather information and transmit it to the cloud, which may view via a smartphone app.
It also provides data collection, allowing us to use data analysis to predict outcomes and make appropriate decisions to increase the manufacturing process’s productivity and efficiency.

Connection of IoT and Mobile App Development:

There are already millions of IoT-connected devices in use throughout the world. As internet connectivity becomes a standard feature for devices used in families, factories, business organizations, and other urban areas, the number will continue to rise.
With the ease of creating mobile application and versatility with mobile application, managing IoT connected equipment will be easy, one for example is IoT smart home.

IoT and Mobile Apps – Decoding the Connection:

Using mobile apps to access IoT solutions is a low-cost approach to this high-demand technology.
Hire mobile app developers to help you create better apps with IoT. Ask your team before designing an IoT mobile app:

  • Is an app the best approach to reach your target audience?
  • How much financial risk are you willing to take on for the solution?
  • Do you have any plans to support multiple platforms on a budget?
  • How could I expand or re-imagine existing functionality supplied via an app?

Still confused? Keep continuing to read…

Major Components to Include in Your Mobile App Development:

There are a few basics to learn about the system’s structure for developing IoT apps. Businesses get a competitive advantage by developing IoT-based mobile applications, as growth in the IoT mobile app sector is only expected to continue. Any IoT system consists of four main components,

  • Software- This would be the mobile app and its capabilities, normally accessed through a user dashboard in any IoT system.
  • Hardware- Refers to the smart device or smart sensors the Mobile App interacts with.
  • Cloud- Storage, organisation, and management of data.
  • Network- The data is transported between the mobile app, the smart device, and the cloud via the network.

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Top Brilliant IoT Mobile Business App Ideas 2022:

Are you having trouble coming up with new ideas for your app? Here are a few IoT mobile business app ideas 2022 to steal:

  • Home Security App: This app allows you to operate all of your home’s security devices, such as burglar alarms and cameras. You can also utilize this in your office and check on the video footage.
  • Health Check-up & Food Planner App: This app monitors your health daily and recommends nutritious meals for you to eat to stay healthy. It connects you to a variety of healthy recipes supplied by experienced chef-bloggers. You can customize your content to reflect your current health state.
  • Contact Tracing App: This real-time contact tracing app allows users to examine COVID infected areas and global data. It can help the government track the contact chain of a user diagnosed with Coronavirus to determine the source and likely spread of infection.
  • Logistics App: Many individuals want to promptly deliver things to certain locations, but finding the right services at the right time is tough. On the other hand, some vehicles return empty after offloading their goods. This app can provide information about available vehicles for transporting goods in such instances.
  • Terms & Conditions Scanning App: Many software, apps, and products now require users to complete a long ‘terms and conditions’ agreement. Many people ignore this section and proceed to sign the contract. Sometimes, suspicious/unfair terms are added that the user does not necessarily agree with. An app that scans the terms and conditions and alerts and protects the user from any potential harmful terms and conditions.
  • Loaned Money Tracking App: When a group of friends arranges an outing together, it can be tough to track who owes whom money for group activities like going to a concert, dining out, or shopping. This app keeps track of who spends how much money on what activity and how much money other members owe them or vice versa.

How IoT Mobile App Benefits Businesses:

Technology has been shown to increase productivity. Consider integrating 2 diverse and unique technologies. Here is how IoT mobile app benefits businesses:

  • IoT apps expand business potential by improving business modules and service quality.
  • It enhances asset usage by monitoring equipment via sensors and preventative maintenance to ensure continuous access.
  • IoT apps may link to video cameras and sensors to monitor equipment and prevent physical threats.
  • It improves business productivity by providing training to employees to improve their work efficiency and eliminate skill mismatches.
  • IoT solutions reduce overall business costs by improving business modules, asset usage, equipment monitoring, and employee training services.

Work With Dash to Develop Mobile Solutions for the IoT:

If you’re thinking about starting a business, you’ll need to be sure your app idea will set you apart from the competition.
Dash Technologies is a leading mobile app development company in Ohio with over a decade of expertise in developing cutting-edge mobile apps. Our mobile app development team has a lot of experience with IoT-based apps. Contact us today to integrate IoT into your mobile applications and reap the benefits of this cutting-edge technology.

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