Top Reasons AWS Cloud Services Becoming the First Choice for Enterprises

When it comes to cloud computing, AWS is the pioneer, offering a wide range of computing services to businesses, individuals, and organizations worldwide. The advent of Amazon Web Services brought a revolutionary impact on enterprises struggling with their IT resources, such as data storage, scalability, networking, computing services, security, and more.

No doubt, many other top tech giants, like Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, Alibaba, Oracle, SAP, and IBM, followed the revolution. However, AWS remains the top service provider among its competitors.

In fact, AWS has been the best choice, not just for vendors but also for enterprise app developers. Plenty of reasons can be cited to justify why AWS has been the first choice. This explains all the information in detail, but before digging out the reason, let us begin with some basics first.

What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing is a broader term that refers to the composite delivery of on-demand cloud-based products and computing services that includes servers, storage, databases, networking, software, analytics, enterprise applications, developers tools, and intelligence. It sets businesses free from many responsibilities, such as;

  • No on-premise server
  • No data storage in personal computer
  • No expert/engineer is required for management
  • No data loss threat as data is stored on a remote server
  • Intact security

In short, cloud computing bestows ease of accessing and storing data. With cloud servers, businesses can access data anytime, from anywhere.

What is AWS Cloud?

When it comes to delivering authentic, reliable, and the most robust and comprehensive computing services, AWS cloud is the name of the game.

As we have explored in the cloud computing section, AWS cloud services are the subsidiary of Amazon, offering all computing services mentioned earlier in this article.

AWS History at Glance

Started in 2006 as an “Infrastructure as a Service” arm of, AWS is a highly successful company with over a $10 billion run rate. In fact, AWS leads the $150-billion cloud market with a 32% market share, followed by Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, Alibaba Cloud, and IBM Cloud with 20%, 9%, 6%, 5%, respectively.

The data suggested here explains the popularity matrix of AWS. Cloud computing is growing, and flexibility and ease of use are the biggest reasons for its ever-growing popularity. 

Top Companies Using AWS Cloud Services

AWS is leading cloud computing with nearly half of its market share is proof. Besides, many top brands and companies use Amazon Cloud Services, and the name includes Netflix, Toshiba, Samsung, Nokia, Phillips, and many others. It’s not just about big companies and brands; Amazon Web Services is authentic, accessible, and affordable, enabling every SME, including startups with a high amount of computing power requirement, to use AWS without giving it a second thought.

Reasons AWS is the First Choice for Enterprise Businesses and Developers

AWS comes with many advantages, and all these advantages are meant to benefit the investors and provide ease of working to developers. On the one hand, businesses get free from all the hassle they face with on-premise IT resources or data centers. Developers get more freedom and flexibility, on the other hand.

Let’s explore the top benefits of using AWS Cloud service.

·        Save Huge Amount of Money

On-premise server or data center costs thousands of dollars annually just for maintenance. For big enterprises, it could be ok, but what if you have a budget issue? AWS that also known as AWS cloud infrastructure service, is the answer for all these issues.

So, instead of having to invest in on-premise IT resources and servers (that you may need to hire engineers and may need the training to use), you can keep all these hurdles aside by acquiring Amazon Web Services. Importantly, with AWS Cloud services, you pay only for what you use and when you consume.

·        Benefit economies of scale

As your business grows, you may have to work on the scalability part of your on-premise server. For example, you may need to increase computational power, storage, and other resources. By using cloud computing AWS, you can do this without any issue. Meanwhile, you can achieve a lower variable cost as it charges based on the resources consumed per user.

·        Stop guessing capacity

As we have discussed in the paragraph above, as the business grows, you need to work on the scalability part, and that also includes infrastructure. In cloud computing, you get free from all these hassles.

Along with all these, you get a number of additional benefits, such as increased speed, agility, and more.

AWS Cloud Service Preview

AWS offers comprehensive computational services that include,

Application of AWS

The use of Amazon Web Services is widespread. It can be used for many purposes. Some of the top applications include;

  • Website/Web Application hosting services
  • SaaS hosting/Media Sharing
  • Mobile Applications
  • Social Media Application
  • Academic Computing
  • Social Networking
  • Development Platform and Testing Environment
  • Search Engines

Cost to Build AWS Cloud-Based Applications

The cost of cloud computing differs based on the service providers and plan you choose to go with. However, Cloud computing eliminates the capital expense that you spend in buying hardware, software and the costs for building the infrastructure. No on-premise server means saving a considerable amount of money spent over the racks of servers, round-the-clocks electricity, experts, and other resources.

AWS offers various pricing models, and the cost will be based on the model you choose. The models are;

·        Pay-as-you-go

If you have minimal use or have changing business needs, you can choose this model to save on consumption. You will be charged as per the consumption.

·        Save when you commit

If you have a stable business requirement, you can choose this plan to save more. For example, you can subscribe to the plan for a year or three-year period to save more. The price is calculated on an hourly basis.

·        Payless by using more

If you have extensive IT resources, data, and IT needs, buying this plan will save you more. The pricing will be less as you use more. Simply put, the more you use, the less you pay.

Final Thoughts

AWS is one of the essential computing service providers, and there should be no doubt behind it. However, if you want to utilize the best of AWS services, you need a reliable AWS consulting service like us and the get the best cloud app development services.

So, are you looking for an AWS Development Company to build, manage your IT resources? Dash is the destination for all your needs. Contact us today for further details.

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