Shani Bhavsar


Shani Bhavsar is an experienced entrepreneur, innovator and technology enthusiast, passionate about helping businesses accelerate growth through the use of technology. With a background in Computer Science and Engineering, he specializes in incubating new business verticals, leading projects, managing complex programs and nurturing long-lasting client relationships.

Bhavsar has guided both small start-ups and Fortune 500 companies on their IT journey across a wide array of industries. Throughout his career he’s also served as a lead software developer, and a CEO for multiple businesses.

As a strategic thinker, Shani brings a unique combination of business and technical skills to quickly understand and align with client expectations.


Amit Bhavsar

Founder & President

Amit Bhavsar is an enthusiastic business leader with over 15 years of experience in business development and client relationship management. He’s played an integral role in expanding Dash’s offerings to the Manufacturing, Automotive, Healthcare, Education and IT industries and remains focused on servicing new sectors.

As an experienced IT engineer, Amit serves as a technology consultant for various initiatives and mentors young professionals in the technology field. He’s passionate about delivering affordable solutions to all people, especially those with limited technology resources and has spear-headed many philanthropic efforts devoted to this cause.

Bhavsar believes in the power of people over profit and is devoted to providing all clients with the highest level of service.


Mark Wallinger

Vice President of Sales and Marketing

Mark Wallinger is an innovative sales and marketing leader versed in strategic and tactical methodologies. As a change agent fluent in B2C and B2B models from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies, he has expertise in healthcare, software and manufacturing as well as experience at two multibillion-dollar marketing agencies.

A veteran of five software start-ups in Columbus, Wallinger has consulted dozens of small and emerging businesses and served as a mentor to start-up efforts emerging from The Innovation Center at Ohio University. Fluent in all elements of tech culture, he’s led initiatives at Symix, Macola, Aeltia (which became Quest) and ArcLight (acquired by NCDHealth).

Most recently in his role at One Identity, the IAM arm of Quest Software (formerly Dell), he successfully managed enterprise-wide solutions and tools including two-factor authentication, single-sign on and self-service password reset.

Wallinger enjoys the challenge of driving business through sales and is an expert builder of high-performing teams. He believes marketing is part art, part science and all collaboration.


Senthilkumar Ram

VP of Delivery and Innovation

Senthilkumar Ram is an experienced enterprise project manager with expertise in insurtech, manufacturing, and
healthcare. Having previously worked as a technology program manager for Honda, McGraw-Hill, and Citigroup
Inc., he has refined his strategic expertise to efficiently coordinate business processes from start to finish.

Most recently employed as an executive for Cardinal Health, Senthil is passionate about refining development standards, building long-lasting client relationships and integrating informed plans to minimize waste in resources. His proficiency of technical and medical know-how will propel Dash forward, as we continue to advance and innovate within the healthcare arena.


Himanshu Bhavsar

Upcoming CEO

Himanshu Bhavsar is a dynamic leader with over 20 years of experience in strategic planning, business restructuring, organizational transformation, and business development. He has been instrumental in implementing IoT, AI, Advanced Data Analytics, and Digital Experiences across the United States.

Himanshu knows Dash Technologies fits in perfectly with the forward-thinking culture of Columbus. He parallels this culture by implementing a philosophy of progress for Dash.

Whether he is using his wealth of knowledge to grow small-startups or helping implement programs for Fortune 500 companies, Himanshu believes there is always a solution for any problem with the right mix of dedication, motivation, and teamwork.