How to Integrate Payment Gateways in Mobile Apps- A Complete Guide

A payment gateway is a smart product that enables online payment transactions. For example, when online users book hotel rooms, buy clothes, or book taxis via a mobile app, they transact through a payment gateway.

Before we get into the details of integrating online payment gateways into mobile apps, there’s one thing to keep in mind. You may have heard of Google Play Billing and Apple’s In-App Purchase, both of which are services for selling digital content on mobile devices.

If you’ve chosen to make a money-related app but don’t know much about how to integrate a mobile payment gateway, you’ve come to the right place!

Did You Know?

  • According to a recent analysis by Research and Markets, the payment gateway industry will reach $42.9 billion by 2025, with a phenomenal CAGR of 16.43%.
  • In 2021, 73% of people will make online transactions using their mobile phones. Every year, this number rises.
  • Due to the lengthy and confusing checkout process, 1 out of every 5 customers makes their online purchases.
Source: Statista

Well, that’s big news to digest, isn’t it?

What is Mobile Payment Gateway? 

mobile payment gateway is a service that allows users to authorize and process payments through their apps. To ensure transaction data security, it employs security protocols and encryption. In a nutshell, a gateway is a service that connects clients and businesses to make financial transactions easier.

How does A Mobile App Payment Gateway Work?

payment gateway in an app is remarkably similar to a payment gateway on a website. The entire procedure takes only a few seconds and can be categorized as follows:

  • While exploring a mobile application, interested online buyers add products/services to their cart.
  • They then enter payment information, such as credit card information, and are directed to the payment gateway.
  • The acquiring bank receives the request after the integrated payment gateway authenticates it.
  • Payment processors such as VISA and MasterCard then verify the request.
  • After the payment transaction is approved, the acquiring bank sends the merchant/online seller an authentication code.
  • The amount is then debited from the buyer’s account.

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How are Integrated Payments Beneficial?

The app development team handles the technical components of payment gateway integration. The following are some of the benefits of integrated payment:

Reduce the Number of Steps: It allows consumers to return to their cart, add more items, and increase or decrease the order size.

Improving User Experience: Having several pages with multiple approval procedures is preferable if all information can be compressed into one compact page. It cuts down on time it takes to buy something and removes the possibility of making a mistake.

Improvising Security: Whenever you install an add-on or try to integrate third-party plugins, there’s a danger that someone may look at your browsing history, search history, and purchase history. However, if you integrate your payment gateway into your website, your data remains private between you and your clients. So not only is it naturally safer, but it also gives your customers a sense of security through better data handling.

Do Not Chase Invoices: Integrated payment systems are a panacea for “software as a service” (SaaS) enterprises. It simplifies recurring payments and automated billing. To send several invoices and save time and effort, follow this procedure.

To Earn Additional Income: It can help you chase down overdue invoices, saving you time and allowing you to earn more money.

How to Add a Payment Gateway in an App?

Focusing on technical and business needs is the best method to add a payment gateway to an app. While the expert development team will handle the technical parts, you will be in charge of the business aspects. A few procedures are taken before developers begin integrating payment gateways into Android or iOS apps. The company strategy is outlined by careful planning and extensive research, which aids in developing appropriate development solutions.

  • Choose the types of payment methods you’d like to give your customers. You’ll indeed consider Google Pay for Android apps and Apple Pay for iOS apps in addition to accepting credit cards. The primary goal is to provide a fantastic in-app purchase experience and a wide range of purchasing options for your customers.

  • Visit the official websites of several service providers to learn how to integrate a payment gateway into an app. The benefits and drawbacks of collaborating with a specific provider must include a range of purchasing options, upheld security regulations, service plans, developer documentation availability, the number of projects completed, and so on.

  • Ensure your developers are familiar with the SDKs given to ensure appropriate for the project’s technical requirements. Platform standards, as well as applicable frameworks, influence development needs. The team may execute the payment gateway integration in a few steps if they follow the detailed instructions. They’ll find code samples, clear instructions, and comprehensive libraries to implement payment gateway compliance on both the client and server sides.

  • Contact the chosen supplier, explore the possibility of a partnership, and feel free to ask as many questions as you want. Setting up a team of business analysts and developers to participate in the process and help with the final decision is always a smart idea.

  • Finally, the legal part’s completion is the most crucial phase before the development stage. The companies must prepare a comprehensive agreement that includes general terms, agreed-upon plans, fees, and term lengths, among other things. The service provider will help you set up your merchant accounts and explain the necessary details if needed.


Finding a payment gateway solution that matches your demands and integrating payment systems takes time and effort.

However, you now know how to integrate a payment gateway into your app, where to begin once your requirements are precise, and what your first step should be toward safety and security, which is critical when selling things and completing transactions on a mobile app.

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