Dash for Healthcare Software Development

We’re redefining the way operating rooms use data with our
custom solutions. From working with device manufacturers,
to integrating EHR systems with Epic and Cerner, we
understand healthcare.

What Can We Build for
You Today?

Dash provides Development as a Service (DaaS), delivering
programming and coding on a project basis that connects machine
learning, data science and artificial intelligence to apps, websites,
existing products, or future concepts.

Our core skill set: Listening.

Where we excel: Speed-to-market.

What makes us different: Delivering success quickly and accurately
through our proprietary processes.

We understand what healthcare needs and we’re expert at connecting
the dots between data science, development and manufacturers. Don’t
just take our word for it—check out what we did for Zimmer, a $10 billion
manufacturer of artificial knees and hips.

We’re Like an Emergency
Healthcare Technology

For healthcare projects, you need a team that can move fast. Our agile
development methodology and unique project management approach
helps clients envision, build and run more innovative and efficient
businesses. With 50 developers and programmers in our Columbus, Ohio
headquarters and another 100 overseas, we’re always ready to support
your needs with an average delivery time of just 90 days.

“ Healthcare requires special attention to detail and precision. We
bring that with our project managers, so we can complete projects
efficiently using our proprietary process, which I developed when I
worked at Cardinal Health.”


Building Your Business
Dreams…One at a Time

We help hospitals, pharmacies, doctors, dentists, entrepreneurs and
healthcare professionals operate at the highest level by bringing every
technology solution you can imagine. Clients put their ideas in the hands
of our developers and engineers who bring them to life. Whether it’s an
app, or a full-scale custom system that connects the data from your ER
department to your CFO reports, we can build it smarter, faster and


We cover the spectrum including prevention, diagnosis, treatment and recovery while collaborating with device manufacturers, insurance
providers, and everyone who has a hand in your processes.

Our Expertise

Electronic Health Records (EHR)

Streamline records from multiple

Electronic Medical Records (EMR)

Integrate data across all departments or build a custom dashboard for CEOs and CNOs.

Personal Health Records (PHR)

Explore the possibilities of new
outcomes, driven by data science.

Medical Practice Management
Software (MPM)

Manage your day-to-day operations including scheduling, billing and more with ease.

Health Information
Exchange (HIE)

Securely access and share patient information across your enterprise.


Internet Of Things

How Can Dash Help with Your Healthcare Project Needs?