The Important Features Of Blockchain Technology

By Dash Technologies Inc., October 31, 2022
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Every business with public or private data needs a secure system to store and share them safely. Traditionally, that was a challenge. However, the advent of Blockchain technology has given a robust tool to modern businesses, tackling all the security and safety challenges they face with traditional systems. The recent development in the advent has shown a significant rise in blockchain app development.

Blockchain is the solution, not just for offering robust data security but also for secure transactions.

What is Blockchain Technology?
Blockchain is the latest sensation in the field of technology, offering an advanced database mechanism with transparent data-sharing options within a particular network. In simple words, a blockchain is a collection of publicly accessible records referred to as blocks encrypted using cryptography.

The encryption ensures that the data or privacy of users are not compromised or altered.

How Does Blockchain Technology Work?
To understand how Blockchain works, you need to understand that Blockchain is not a single advent —it’s a combination of three technologies. They include;

  • Cryptographic keys
  • A peer-to-peer network
  • A digital ledger

Now, these three technologies make a robust blockchain technology. So, these three technologies work separately to deliver the combined result. So, let’s understand them one by one.

Cryptographic keys are a combination of private keys and public keys. That means they are two types —one is a private key, while the other is a public key. Both keys are used to create a digital signature. The digital signature is a digital identity, making every transaction unique and secure.

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A peer to Peer Network refers to a large group of individuals acting as authorities who reach a consensus on transactions. While Cryptographic keys create a digital signature, the peer-to-peer network authorizes the transaction using mathematical verification in peer to peer network.

The Digital Ledger is a structure that houses all of these transactions. In plain English, the digital ledger functions like a spreadsheet that contains every node in a network and records every purchase that node have ever made. The digital signature protects the information in the digital ledger from tampering and ensures that it is exceptionally secure. The most intriguing feature of this ledger is that while anyone can view the data, it cannot be altered.

Top Features of Blockchain Technology:
There are four key features of Blockchain technology;

  • Public Distributed Ledger or Decentralization
  • Hash Encryption
  • Proof of Work or Transparency
  • Miners

Public Distributed Ledger or Decentralization
A public distributed ledger is a digital data set replicated, synchronized, and shared globally across numerous locations, nations, and organizations. Let’s now consider a blockchain that anyone on the network can access from anywhere in the world. Everyone within the network will have a copy of the ledger, so if someone tries to change data in one of the blocks, everyone in the network will be able to see the change. Data tampering is avoided in this way.

The main benefit of blockchain technology is the absence of a traditional centralized organization. The collaboration of the credit center in a distributed system and point-to-point transactions are not prerequisites for the distributed blockchain system. This prevents issues with data security, effective coordination, and risk management. Nevertheless, a blockchain solution can be crucial in maintaining digital transactions and storing data.

Hash Encryption
Blockchain uses cryptography to keep all the data in the blocks secure from unauthorized and unaltered access. Blockchain encrypts data using SHA-256. One of the most robust hashing algorithms is SHA-256. This cryptographic hash algorithm creates a 256-bit signature for a nearly unique text. Blockchain also uses digital signatures to verify users.

There are public and private keys for each user. The user is uniquely identified by their public key, which also serves as their access token to the entirety of their account. The sender’s message is hashed as part of the process, and the output is then sent through a signature algorithm using the user’s private key to produce the user’s digital signature. The user’s message, digital signature, and public key are all sent during the transaction.

Proof of Work or Transparency
Proof-of-work is a crucial feature and system that Bitcoin uses. It is a piece of information that is very difficult to produce. That means you need to invest a lot of money and effort to produce the information. However, it can be readily verified by others and satisfies specific criteria. For example, in order to add a block to the Blockchain with bitcoin, miners compete with one another by solving a mathematical puzzle to determine the block’s nonce value.

If other miners verify a miner’s claim after discovering a nonce value, she spreads the word throughout the network and is rewarded with 12.5 bitcoins or some other form of payment. In addition, a block is also added to the Blockchain after a nonce value is discovered.

The act of mining involves rewarding a miner for discovering the correct nonce first. Bitcoins are used to pay miners and can only be added to the network after successful verification. That is the idea behind mining, and a miner receives compensation after completing the proof-of-work consensus.

Final Thoughts:
With the top features of Blockchain technology, you must have understood the significance of this technology to modern businesses. So, if you are exploring the potential of a Blockchain solution for your business. In that case, we are a top-rated software development company offering comprehensive Blockchain Development services to businesses in the USA. Contact us today for more information.

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