Operating Room of the Future: Dash Transforming Today’s Challenges into Tomorrow’s Opportunities

By Dash Technologies Inc., March 22, 2022
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Welcome to the Future!!

The future of healthcare requires coordination between hospitals and technology companies that design next-generation technology. The COVID-19 pandemic forced nearly every industry to adopt new skills and technologies to survive in a global marketplace and, quite literally, survive a pandemic.

Could Dash deliver on a greater vision? Yes, Dash revolutionizes how surgery is done in the Operating Room (OR).

Dash Technologies Inc is the architect of Smart OR. We are on a mission to offer all of the benefits of a traditional integrated OR to drive efficiencies through structural ergonomics and integrated devices. 

Dash uses Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to identify key workflow steps during a procedure to automate function and transform the workflow of the OR. We are transforming the OR experience.

Read our story to know how we Digitally Transform Today’s Operating Room.

The Beginning: This is How it Started

In December 2018, Dash was approached by a leading healthcare company for a project to streamline work processes and increase collaboration and effectiveness among technical projects needing completion.

The CEO worked with other DaaS companies, but Dash’s full transparency and commitment to a collaborative process gave him the confidence to hand Dash the reigns to their remaining pipeline projects.

The client was running a private OR solutions company. Its technology drives efficiency in the surgical setting through a comprehensive “smart OR” infrastructure offering, including surgical booms and lights with a smaller footprint and proprietary data analytics and artificial intelligence capabilities.

Dash exceeded expectations and quickly became as much a counselor as a technology partner.

The light bulb went on. Hang on! Keep continuing to read…

Ready for the Challenge!!

Hospitals and technology companies need to drive AI-adoption processes together as a best practice. The best design, development, and implementation come from collaboration.

We were not new to this term who didn’t know How AI is Changing the Future of Healthcare Industry. We were ready to make this dream (every OR as a Smart OR) a reality and went through these challenges:

  • Realistic deployment timelines
  • Explainability of new technology to staff
  • Fear of losing the human touch in patient care
  • Inability to easily integrate new technology with existing medical records
  • Finding ways to set up patient vitals and pre-surgery steps
  • Tracking a patient’s surgery and anesthesia time without the need for a manual process

Keeping it Continue…

Using agile methodology and a series of sprints, including 50 Columbus-based developers led by CEO/CTO Shani Bhavsar, Dash used weekly meetings to connect with subject matter experts. Additionally, the team leveraged the large Dash offshore team of developers/programmers/engineers to deliver more than just a product: it delivered a unique process that fit the client.

Then, Dash had to overlay the AI layer, put it through training, and teach it what data to collect to achieve the goal. Dash experts also added Machine Learning, which is the study of algorithms that improve through experience and could be “grown and extended” to build upon every interaction in the OR lab. Finally, Data Science, to extract knowledge from that data.

Whoa! Near to Success

The team at Dash spent eight months auditing code, judging the quality of work, navigating security protocols, or ensuring during the transition. Dash continued to Empowering Operating Rooms with AI Technology:

    • Document surgeries from when the patient is brought to the room are sanitized using AI.
    • Provide voice-activated checklists, which adjust to the surgery at hand and aid surgeons using machine learning.
    • Four distinct monitors can be voice-activated and adjusted to the requests of the surgical team using a new voice tool.
    • Using an Application Programming Interface (API) to ensure all monitors and equipment work to the highest standard.

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Dash as a Winner of the Future Vision

With AI, ML, and Custom Software to fully automate and update OR processes, the new smarter operating room will roll out in 100 ORs across the country.

Cameras trained to record movements combined with digitized audio records to help guide improvements, provide vital records, and keep building the best OR it can be.

  • Doctors can ask: What was the time of that surgery? How does that compare to my usual time? Or the national standard?
  • Staff can ask: What tools can be saved; what tools scrapped? When is the next surgery? What’s the makeup of the next team in this room, and when does the next surgery start?
  • Management can ask: How that knee replacement compares to others the doctor has done? Was the most efficient staff used? What’s the mix of anesthesia, and how does it compare to other knee replacement surgeries?

The Final Thought…From Startup to a Greater Vision!!

Future surgical care will be safer and more efficient due to AI, ML, and Data Science.

Well-trained care providers, who have reached a level of proficiency on realistically simulated patients, are supported by an array of smart technology enabling surgical procedures to be performed in an even safer environment.

Learn more about how emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence are paving the way for ORs in the future, From Startup to a Greater Vision.

It’s not an end!! Dash Technologies’ mission is to make every OR a Smart OR!!

The great outcome we received from the client on the success of Smart OR

“Being a visionary person, Dash helped me throughout my journey. After going through multiple partners, Dash has proven to be the best. Dash is one of the best AI, ML & Custom Software companies for MedTech startups. It is a small, elite team of agile experts for startups but can also ramp up for a Fortune 500 company. Whenever I needed them, they were 24/7 available for me.”

A clients’ feedback is our reward!! Thank You!

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