Best Approaches to Modernize Legacy Applications in 2023

Legacy App Modernization

Over time, old apps lose their groove. They get buggy and have a bunch of problems, turning into obsolete pieces that can’t keep up with what people need.

Back in June 2019, GAO pinpointed 10 super important old-school IT systems that really needed to update. Though outdated, these systems played their roles in helping federal agencies do their jobs. The agencies in charge reported that the age of these oldies ranged from 8 to 51 years! Unbelievably, just keeping these old-timers running costs a whopping $337 million dollars every single year.

Guess what? Giving these old apps a makeover helps keep customers hooked, makes the business grow, and stays in the game. And that’s exactly what the Legacy Application Modernization process does!

Various Issues Obsolete Apps Pose

Apps can run into some real bummer problems, like:

  • Easy peasy loopholes helping sneaky hackers
  • Slower than a snail racing uphill in the rain
  • Can’t grow with the biz
  • No support for the latest tech integration
  • Scanty service backup or maintenance options

Understanding the Concept of Legacy App Modernization

Legacy App Modernization is akin to upgrading old apps. Simply put, it is like giving them a new life by changing their host platform like a cloud or sprucing them up for today’s world–to improve speed or make the process efficient.

By giving old apps a facelift, businesses can make their systems faster, work better, and dodge tech problems. Plus, they can make sure everything is safe and sound from cyber baddies.

Jumping into IT legacy modernization, loads of ways exist but boils down to what matters most. Some companies go all-out and start fresh with a brand-new system. Others mix and match, finding off-the-shelf software they can tweak. Some even borrow high-end tech or hire tech whizzes from trustworthy sources.

Not surprisingly, the application modernization services are about to shoot up like a rocket! By 2022, it’ll be worth a whopping $15.2 billion bucks. But wait, it gets better! By 2027, that number’s gonna soar to an amazing $32.8 billion! That’s like growing at a breakneck speed of 16.7%–awesome, right?

Reasons Why To Modernize Legacy Applications

In the tech world, swiftness and adaptability matter. In the past, fancy tech of 5 or 10 years ago didn’t know what was cookin’. Today’s tech scene is a whole new ball game with evolving techs being fast and adaptable to keep up with fierce rivalry. Besides, there are more compelling reasons for opting for legacy application modernization services.

  • Cost: No denying, heaps of old-school tech play a big part in businesses running smoothly. But hey, at some point, the bigwigs need to weigh the cost-benefit that Legacy Application Modernization offers. They’ve got to choose between sticking with the old platforms and shelling out cash for amazing modern upgrades.
  • Usefulness: Importantly, one ought to think beyond money when figuring out if we should modernize old apps or not. Companies should pay attention to how incredible and helpful modern tools are.
    In fact, a new report revealed how the COVID-19 situation made everyone realize that new tech is fantastic and important. It’s a total game-changer now!
    Specifically put, McKinsey’s study reveals that loads of companies boosted their digital game super-fast; particularly customer and supply-chain interactions, three to four years faster than expected! Plus, their tech-fueled wonders–digitally enabled products–rocketed seven years ahead of schedule. It’s bananas!
  • Optimization: Out-of-date apps slow things down and create bummer vibes. Hence, enterprise application modernization is necessary for making work easier and faster.
  • Unhappy Employees: Old, mismatched, or lost software bums people out. The State of Software Happiness Report 2019 says, more than half of the workforce went through a bummer at work. Why? Because the software they had to use wasn’t really good.
    What’s worrisome–around a quarter of workers feel like quitting their jobs because their work software is awful. In fact, over an eighth of staff already left a past job ’cause the software didn’t match up.
  • Identify and Avoid Tricky Situations: To dodge trouble with work issues, make sure all the inner gears of the biz fit together just right. That means jazzing up those old-school apps! With swifter apps, work flies by, and soon everyone’s high-fiving over hitting those big-time goals.

Quick Look at When To Opt For Legacy Application Modernization

Here are the quick indicators that would help to decide when to opt for legacy application modernization.

  1. The system often goes haywire.
  2. Keeping the system running guzzles money and is a big challenge.
  3. No room for improvement.
  4. No chance of incorporating new tech.
  5. It doesn’t jive with today’s modern tech.

Best Practices to Follow for Legacy Application Modernization

So, to get the hang of modernizing legacy applications, we’ll peek at some top tips, explained here.

Evaluation: A bunch of key factors pushes application modernization forward. These roadblocks pop up either from biz angle or an IT perspective. Let’s understand them.

  • Business Angle: Three major biz game-changers are: suitable for biz; bringing value, and being nimble. Note that if an app isn’t meeting the above facets, time to upgrade it and make it snazzier.
  • IT Angle: Three other drivers chip in from the IT angle–they’re all about cost, complexity, and risk. Specifically put, the drivers can be making companies shell out a fortune for nothing or old tech may go haywire. Else, it can be safety, regulation, support, or scalability hitting a snag–indicating factors that the time’s ripe for modernizing.

Refining or Redefining The Requirements: If old systems don’t fit today’s needs, it’s time to polish them up or rethink the issues to find fresh solutions. Identify what’s rubbing users the wrong way. Zoom in on their unique experiences.

Yet, in this game plan, it’s crucial to grasp what shines in the old software. Knowing what clicks–and the bits that flop–can guide the way for legacy application modernization. This process could involve:

  1. Shifting an old app from yesteryear’s platform to today’s cloud realm.
  2. Refashioning and fine-tuning the current codebase.
  3. Bidding adieu to surplus legacy apps, with their software and hardware entourage.
  4. Keeping app data handy for reporting, compliance, and daily business affairs.

Go-ahead for Application Modernization: Once clarity strikes to revamp a dated app, and the issue stands crystal-clear, the subsequent move is choosing the app’s facelift method.

Top Strategies for Modernizing Legacy Applications

Eager to jazz up obsolete apps like a pro? Let’s dive into the nitty-gritty of doing it:

  • Structural design: For smooth sailing, ensure the design hits the bullseye. The app’s logical flow and top-notch navigation dictate the design’s success.
  • Safeguarding Data: Keeping data safe should be a top priority in any solid legacy app makeover game plan. These days, leaky data situations and system hacks are popping up everywhere. So, it’s a no-brainer–strategize how to guard that revamped app from sneaky scammers.
  • Monitor and Enhance: Once app utilization kicks off, it’s vital to test and tweak the app’s changes regularly. This irons out any glitches in hosting, applications, licenses, or links to other resources and databases during the switchover. Ensure the app remains relevant and adapts to evolving demands.


In 2023, giving old-school apps a facelift–legacy application modernization needs a game plan that vibes with a company’s unique goals. It’s all about taking a close look, choosing the right tech, and teaming up with savvy pros. Going for these top-notch tricks means not only bringing life back to dusty systems but also cashing in on sweet chances for growth and fresh ideas.

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