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Our AI-powered solutions help in transforming software products into something that could make businesses stronger, safer and more agile

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Let artificial intelligence analyze your data and get actionable insights

Artificial Intelligence enabled solutions by Dash Technologies allows clients to discover new business insights and update their processes to optimize operations. We promise to deliver artificial intelligence and deep learning services that foster superior business models, improvised products and innovative services.

Our Artificial Intelligence Services

Robotic Process Automation

We develop robust applications that carry out mundane tasks without any human intervention.

Natural Language Processing

We deliver solutions that understand and interpret what users speak and write, and take necessary actions.

Text to Speech

We develop customized text to speech recognition solutions maximizing convenience for businesses.

Automatic Speech Recognition

We have been developing and implementing advanced speech recognition solutions for businesses to process audiovisual content.

Knowledge Virtualization

We use artificial intelligence technology to power enterprises by delivering knowledge virtualization systems for business decisions.

Machine / Deep Learning

Our solutions enable a machine to interpret complex and fragmented data to self-learn and make critical business decisions.

Visual Search & Image Recognition

We create visual applications with abilities to analyze and synthesize images and identify image patterns.


We deliver chatbots that augment customer experience by interpreting human behavior, language, and sentiments.

Predictive & User Behavior Analytics

Our predictive analytics solutions enable businesses to be abreast of resource usage, efficiency, and future requirements.

Increasing Retail Sales with AI based Image & Voice Search

Our customer is a global retail chain and wanted to improve its product retail sales by implementing an AI bot that can quickly help its customers find the most suitable products based on their demand. Dash Technologies worked as their AI solution partner and implemented AI bots and virtual assistants that recommend products and provide information; algorithms that helps sales teams focus on high value customers and high probability transactions; and predictive analytics that factor in weather, the price of raw goods and components, or inventory levels to adjust pricing and promotions dynamically.


Helping customers to the right product, and leveraging machine learning to gain insights that potentially lead to higher cart values and additional sales.

AI based Image & Voice Search
Improving Supply Chain Operational Management with AI

Improving Supply Chain Operational Management with Artificial Intelligence

Our customer is a supply chain enterprise and wanted to implement AI algorithms to improve fleet management, warehouse administration, logistics processes, freight brokering and numerous other tasks. Dash Technologies worked as their artificial intelligence solution development partner and created machine learning based algorithms that analyzed drone deliveries and automated vehicles. IoT data analytics was also implemented to analyse consumption of raw materials, components and products.


Better business visibility with reduced operational costs using artificial intelligence.

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