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Our solutions, powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) will transform your business to be smarter, safer and more agile.

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AI Hero Banner - Dash Technologies

Artificial Intelligence Services

Our solutions, powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) will transform your business to be smarter, safer and more agile.

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Let Technology Do the Heavy Lifting

AI-powered solutions by Dash Technologies allow clients to discover new business insights and update their processes to optimize operations. Our advanced technology extracts meaningful data to take the guess work out of important business decisions.

Our Artificial Intelligence Services

Automatic Speech Recognition

Transcribe audiovisual content in real time and deploy it with ease and accuracy through our advanced speech recognition solutions.


Engage with your customers 24/7 by leveraging our always-on chatbots that interpret human behavior, language and sentiments.

Knowledge Virtualization

Boost efficiencies and reduce IT costs by harnessing the power of software-based virtualization for servers, storage, networks and more.

Machine / Deep Learning

Outsource the overly complex data analysis work to our machines that adaptively learn, so you can focus on making the best decisions for your business.

Natural Language Processing

Our solutions enable machines to interpret text and perform tasks like classification, grammar checking and translation.

Predictive & User Behavior Analytics

Deliver actionable data insights and a more holistic view of resource management, performance, efficiency and so much more.

Robotic Process Automation

Forget manual monotony. We develop robust applications for everyday tasks—no human intervention necessary.

Text to Speech

How much do you love Siri or Alexa? We can deliver similar business solutions for maximum convenience.

Visual Search & Image Recognition

Seamlessly integrate technology into the customer journey with powerful visual search and pattern recognition applications.

Driving Increased Sales with AI-Based Virtual Assistant

A global retailer with locations across the globe wanted to improve product sales and inventory management through automated solutions.

Dash implemented a virtual assistant designed to help customers find the products they were looking for easily. The AI-powered technology also provides product information and recommended items. Additional predictive analytics enable prices and promotions to be dynamically adjusted based on factors like the weather, the price of raw goods and inventory levels.

Not only was this solution beneficial in helping customers find the products they were looking for, but it also led to higher cart values and increased sales.

AI based Image & Voice Search
Improving Supply Chain Operational Management with AI

Supply Chain Operational Management, Powered by AI

A supply chain enterprise wanted to improve efficiencies for its fleet management taskforce through improved tracking of logistics and warehouse administrative tasks.

Dash developed machine learning-based algorithms that analyzed drone deliveries and automated vehicles. It also implemented an IoT data analytics tracking solution to monitor consumption of raw materials, components and products.

By harnessing the power of artificial intelligence, this client improved business visibility and reduced operational costs.

White Papers

Digitally Transform Today’s Operating Room

Technology advances dramatically streamline operating room processes, improve patient outcomes, and reduce costs.

Artificial Intelligence-Integrated Operating Rooms

Healthcare industry collaboration will allow AI systems to be expertly tailored to the practical demands of healthcare.

Ai-insurance 2
AI-Integration for Insurance Companies: A $100.34 Billion Annual Savings Opportunity

AI has the power to completely change the insurance industry as it exists today.

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We’re technology experts with a passion for bringing concepts to life. Our agile development methodology and unique project management approach helps clients envision, build and run more innovative and efficient businesses. With 50 developers and programmers in our Columbus, Ohio headquarters and another 100 overseas, we’re always ready to support your needs with an average delivery time of just 90 days.

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