AI Voice Assistants: How Voice Technology is Creating a Contactless World in 2021 (Post-Pandemic)

In the last several decades, people have typed text to search. But since it’s natural for people to talk than to type or click, voice search trends are becoming more critical. The start of the COVID-19 pandemic reduces or eliminates touching points and therefore increases safety through touchless technology like voice-activated assistants.

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  1. Introduction
  2. What’s Causing the Shift Towards Voice?
  3. Key Predictions for Voice in 2021
  4. How Are You Preparing for Voice Search?


Innovation is often borne out of the crisis.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the value of AI voice assistants grew, thanks to their contactless interaction style and the demand for safer, healthier alternatives. One in three voice technology users referred to hygiene as an advantage of voice technology since they didn’t have to reach high-traffic surfaces. Voice user’s willingness to use voice technologies to monitor their balance sheets, book medical appointments, and order grocery supplies will also be indicated by voices. They also see this as a hygienic solution for events and companies and want voice technology for opening doors, for selecting the floor in elevators, or for the usage of a vending machine.

“Things won’t change as much as they will accelerate. While other crises reshaped the future, COVID-19 is just making the future happen faster.”

Scott Galloway, a Clinical Marketing Professor at New York University, recently said of COVID-19

What’s Causing the Shift Towards Voice?

AI-enabled chatbots and virtual assistants have been pioneers in the fight against Covid-19, have assisted screen and triage, conducted surveys, provided vital Covid-related information, and more. And we have, of course, seen more FAQ chatbots and virtual consultants in telemedicine to chatbot-therapists, making health services more accessible to those who cannot leave their homes. Of course, there is a long-lasting trend for conversational agents fighting the Virus, and next year we will see more AI chatbot solutions that fit with the ‘less touching, more talking’ rule.

Applications of this technology are seen everywhere, so where will it take us in 2021 and beyond? We provide a high-level overview of the potential that voice has and key predictions we think will take off in the coming years.

Key Predictions for Voice in 2021

Mobile App Integration

Integration of voice technology in mobile apps is currently the hottest trend. AI Personal assistance software enhances the usefulness and saves users from complex application navigation. Voice-activated Apps simplify the usage of an application even if the end-user does not know exactly where to find it or the name of the item they are seeking. While Voice Integration can be regarded as a user-friendly need, this will soon become a requirement for the user.

Search Behaviors Will Change

Visibility of voice will undoubtedly be a challenge. This is because there is no visual interface with voice helpers. Unless the users have linked to Alexa or Google Assistant, they cannot see or touch a voice interface. Brands are currently experiencing a change from touchpoints to listening points, and organic searching is the primary way brands have visibility. As voice search becomes more popular, Google and Amazon anticipate advertising agencies and marketers to open their platforms to other types of paid messages.

Voice-Tech in Healthcare

In 2020 AI-powered chatbots and virtual assistants played a vital role in the fight against COVID-19. Chatbots assisted patients to screen and triage, and Apple’s Siri now walks users through the evaluation questions of CDC COVID-19 and then suggests telehealth applications. Voice and conversational AI have made health services more accessible to all those who, during COVID-19 restrictions, could not leave their homes.

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Individualized Experiences

Voice assistants will also continue to provide personalized experiences as they improve the distinction between voices. Google Home can support six user accounts and detect voices that can customize various functions by Google Home users. Users may ask: “Tell me about my day?” or “What’s on my calendar today?” and the assistant will tell users about traveling times, the weather, and the news information.

Voice Cloning

Machine learning and GPU power development normalize custom AI voice assistant software and make speech more emotional, making the voice created by a machine recognizable. You only use a recorded speech and convert your voice into new technology. Voice cloning is an essential tool for advertisers, cinematographers, game developers, and other content creators.

Smart Displays

Last year, smart displays grew as speech technology increased. Now, the demand for these gadgets is much higher, with customers showing a preference for smart displays over regular smart speakers. We hope there will be more innovations to integrate more advanced technology and adapt to the smart display world in 2021.

Voice in the Gaming Industry

The recording of a voice for spoken dialogues for each character requires a lot of time and work. In the following year, developers will be able to imitate human voices via advanced neural networks. Indeed, thinking somewhat forward, neural networks can even produce appropriate NPC answers. Some AI personal assistant software developers struggle to design and embed this dialogue block into their tools so that games with dynamic dialogues are not too far away.

How Are You Preparing for Voice Search?

In addition, work would continue the following year on security and privacy advancements and the discovery of skills and monetization. The users must be satisfied that this technology is safe and properly working before extending to wide-ranging uses.

More and more developers immerse themselves in AI-based voice assistants, so we’ll see some fantastic ideas, and the voice tech will make a world of good!

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