Why You Need AI in Your Mobile App

Artificial intelligence is changing the landscape of technology. From healthcare to manufacturing and everything in between, AI is revolutionizing mobile app industry in which it is introduced.

AI is also making its way into mobile apps and helping to individualize user experiences. In this post, we’re going to show exactly how AI is furthering the idea of an experiential app, and why you (or your business) should care.

First, we’re going to introduce you to what this awesome technology does, and the ways you already interact with it in your everyday life.

What is Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

Artificial Intelligence or AI is the theory and development of machine capability to perform tasks normally requiring human intelligence, such as speech recognition, visual perception, or social interaction with human beings.

Popular films, like the Will Smith led blockbuster I, Robot, typically come to mind when people imagine a world of AI advancing to unparallel and uncontrollable capabilities. However, AI is all around us, even if you don’t recognize it.

Some of the ways AI is already in your life:

  • Unlocking your iPhone with Biometric Touch ID
  • Employing Lane Assist whenever your vehicle ventures a little too far into your neighbor’s lane.
  • Getting Alexa to turn off your back porch with a simple voice command.

Not only is AI in your everyday life, it may have even saved your life before. In hospitals, AI has had a growing impact on medicine. Examples include:

  • Decreasing the cost of medicines through automation.
  • Supporting medical imaging by catching errors.
  • Tracking and organizing patient data.

From doing simple tasks such as helping you unlock your phone with a biometric reading to supporting medical imaging analysis in order to catch errors in health records, AI has become the sidekick we never knew we needed.

The Main Reason Mobile Apps Need AI

The main reason for you to look into the potential for AI in your mobile app is because of an increasing trend of users wanting a personalized experience.

Apps like TikTok or Instagram are addictive because of their heavy involvement in AI and the AI subset, machine learning. People can see exactly what they want, when they want, and where they want. If there’s something they dislike, the algorithm picks up on lack of interaction and adjusts accordingly.

By implementing AI, you can not only understand what your customer likes or dislikes, you can even begin segmenting your customer or potential customers based on the data retrieved from your application.

Types of AI used for a Personalized Experience

There are three different types of AI that can be used to create a personalized experience.

These three different types are:

  • User profiling
  • Self-service data preparation
  • Customer journeys

User profiling

This is a way to focus on the different aspects like psychographics and demographics and create content and interactions that are personalized for their needs.

Self-service data preparation

This is a way to put your data in order, so that it can be utilized for machine learning applications.

Customer journey

This is a tool that analyzes customer behavior and provides insights so you can optimize your workflows accordingly.

How Does AI Create a Personalized Experience?

In order to create a personalized user experience, first the AI looks at specific data that is collected from an individual.

Then the AI uses this data to understand the individual and tailor the experience around that person’s preferences.

Think about it like this, if your app was a store, you’d be able to tell exactly who walked in, what they’re interested in, and how interested they are. By implementing AI, you can adjust a potential buyer’s journey according to what their preferences are and present them with the information most likely to lead to a sale.

Other benefits of AI in Mobile Applications

Improved App Authentication: It’s pretty clear that as AI advances so will the entire tech industry. While all the innovations in tech are great, becoming more interconnected than ever leaves all of us susceptible to hackers who want to prey on sensitive information.

To overcome this issue, companies such as Apple, Google, and others are using AI to create advanced app authentication. They’re creating new layers of protocols, so it becomes difficult for hackers to hack into the user’s devices

Emotional Recognition: AI will be able to understand the emotional context of a conversation. It uses voice, facial expressions, and body language to understand emotions. AI can tell if someone is happy, sad, or angry and it can help users understand the cause for the emotion as well.

This could prove extremely beneficial for the progression of mental health-based applications.

Image Recognition: AI image recognition has some advantages that make it a valuable tool. The process of identifying images that are unclear is faster and more accurate with AI.

Even if the images are not very clear, AI image recognition features can still accurately get readings. For example, if a number plate of a suspected vehicle is blurry in the CCTV, police won’t be able to read it. With AI-based cameras, reading blurry number plates is becoming easier.

Visual Search Engines: Text-based search engines are great, and they’ve helped tons of people find the information they were looking for in the past. However, while text-based searches are good, visual-based search engines work much more efficiently.

Visual-based search engines categorize and label content in a way that’s efficient for the users. For example, if you want to find the difference between two airplanes, you’ll have to conduct a pretty thorough deep dive. However, a quick google reverse image search will show you just how effective a visual search engine is.

Apps, like CamFind, are already helping people to turn their text-based norm to a visual-centered approach.

Real-Time Translation: It’ll be much faster than the translation produced by modern apps. It’s also more accurate, and it doesn’t require an internet connection

in order to work. You just need to upload the desired text and you’re good to go.


AI is here to stay, and it’s becoming an essential component in the development of mobile applications. Finding out if you need it for your app to stay relevant is a tough question to answer.

The first step in building an application that is future-proof is to work with a development partner who is not only responding to the AI revolution but embracing it with open arms.

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