Top Reasons You Should Integrate AI/ML into Your App

Mobile app development is one of the most important businesses in many industries in the modern digital era. It would be best to prepare your business strategy ahead of the competition. For this, you need more than a mobile-friendly interface and a user-friendly experience.

According to a Gartner study, non-human contacts will account for 85% of customer interactions in 2022. Artificial neural networks, advanced analytics based on big data, machine learning, and deep learning are transforming the way digital products are created and function and the lives of their users.

It would help if you now focused on enhancing your mobile application to keep ahead in this era of cutting-edge competition. The following are some of the reasons to integrate AI and ML in mobile apps:

  • Startups that use AI/ML find it easier to raise funds these days.
  • AI/ML enhances the capabilities of apps while also improving the user experience.
  • Using AI/ML in sales and marketing operations dramatically improves other statistics.

Because of the widespread use of the two related technologies, we no longer need to worry about simple or even complex issues because our applications and smart devices take care of everything for us.

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Stats of AI/ML Powered Mobile Apps:

According to the statistics provided below, ML & AI-powered mobile apps are the most popular among funded startups and businesses.

Source: Venture Scanning Reports
  • AI and ML-based mobile apps are the most popular among funded startups.
  • Over the next three years, the number of organizations investing in Machine Learning is expected to double.
  • ML has helped 76% of US companies exceed their sales targets.
  • ML is used by 40% of US businesses to improve sales and marketing.
  • Thanks to Machine Learning, European banks increase product sales by 10% while lowering churn rates by 20%.

Why Integrate AI & ML into Your Mobile App?

The following are the most basic techniques to use Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to improve your mobile app’s efficiency, personalization, and intelligence.

  • Personalized User Experience

Any AI algorithm integrated into your mobile app may evaluate many sources of information, from social networking platforms to credit ratings and provide recommendations to each user’s device. You can useML app development to learn:

  1. Who are your users?
  2. What are their preferences and likes?
  3. How much money do they have?
  4. What terminology do they use to describe various products?
  • Data Mining

ML provides data algorithms that, in general, improve over time as a result of experience and information. It takes the approach of learning new techniques to find connections within data sets and gather data effortlessly.

  • Fraud Detection

Fraud cases cause worry for all industries, particularly banking and finance. Machine learning uses data analysis to reduce loan defaults, fraud checks, credit card fraud, and more to resolve this concern. It also helps you analyze a person’s ability to take care of a loan and the risk associated with giving the loan.

  • User Engagement

Organizations use AI development services and solutions to provide balanced customer support and a range of features. Few apps offer small incentives to clients to encourage them to use the app regularly.

  • Advanced Search

All user data, including search histories and typical actions, can be obtained using search algorithms. This data, coupled with behavioural data and search requests, can be utilized to rank your products and services and offer the most relevant results. You can upgrade such as gesture search or incorporate voice search to improve the app’s performance.

  • Facial Recognition

Facial recognition can assist increase the security of your app while also speeding up the login process. It also helps in the protection of data from unknown sources. Medical experts may now use facial recognition to assess a patient’s health simply by looking at their face due to improved security.

Benefits of Implementing AI/ML:

If you’re going to spend an extra penny on something, you need to know what you will get out of it. These are some of the benefits that AI technology can provide to your company.

  • AI can help you complete repetitive tasks more quickly
  • Accuracy and completeness
  • Enhanced client experiences 
  • Intelligent interactions with users
  • Retention of users

Top Platforms that Allow You to Develop Apps with AI and ML:

You might be surprised to know that almost every large organization in the world has a platform for app development service with AI and ML. These are some of the most well-known platforms for getting a suitable fit for your business idea.

  • Microsoft Azure

Azure has a vast user community and strong support from satisfied customers. It is well-known for its predictive modelling technology and powerful analytics on mobile devices.

  • IBM Watson

IBM Watson is well-known for its incredible response systems and business intelligence.

  • Google TensorFlow

Tensor is an open-source library that focuses on nonlinear problem-solving.

  • Amazon AI

One of Amazon AI’s most prominent features is its facial and speech recognition technologies. You can rely on Amazon’s machine learning capabilities at any time.

  • and

AI based virtual assistants for Android and iOS are frequently built on Google platforms. You can utilize the platform mentioned above to develop AI and ML for mobile apps.

The Final Say…

Get ready for a journey full of surprises and challenges if you’re ready to say, “It’s time to develop my own AI app.” You’ll be able to find the right tools from a large tech stack of artificial intelligence and machine learning if you have a broad set of skills.

If you want to develop an app that evolves with time and technology, or if you want to upgrade an existing app with all of the latest technology features, you should work with an ML and AI development company that is well-versed in changing the market demands. You can also opt for expert development providers in your area, like AI development services USA or other regions. However, to get the finest result, make sure you choose the best. If you are still confused, you can contact us and wish to clear your doubts!

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