Top Four Steps to Increase Users Engagement and Retention Rates

Summary: Are you grappling with user engagement and worried about users’ retention rates? In short, are you not happy with your website or application the way it interacts with your users? It’s serious, and you need to find a way. Technically, your mobile app or website needs a makeover. So, if you are looking for a solution to make your app appreciated by users, then this article is for you. You will learn how to increase users engagement and retention rates.

With more than 4 billion active internet users worldwide, your business apps and websites need to be innovative enough to maintain the engagement ratio. As a brand, you too have to be on your toes to bring innovations and keep asking how to get users on your app.

If increasing users engagement and maintaining retention rates are your issues, you have landed on the right page. We shall introduce the metrics to measure user engagement and the steps to increase it. Let’s explore;

What Metrics Define Users App Engagement Rates

What is stopping your users from interacting with your application? What do you require for better optimization? You need to identify the issue and bring the solution. Here are the top four metrics that help you measure customer engagement.

  1. Identifying Active Users
  2. Identifying Retention Rates
  3. Identifying Churn Rates
  4. Identifying Session Length

1: Identifying Active Users

To identify your active users, you need to figure out;

  • What number or percentage of users visit your website or app daily
  • What number of users visit your website or app weekly
  • And, what number of users visit your mobile app or website monthly

To figure out these, you may take the help of experts and gather data. You can make the comparison and get an idea bout your client’s satisfaction and how they interact with products or services using the app or website.

You can segregate the data based on these two tricks:

  • DAU (Daily active users): The number of users who uses your app daily.
  • MAU (Monthly active users): The number of users long into your website or app monthly.

2: Identifying Retention Rates

The next you need to find is how many users who previously visited your website or mobile app have revisited. This is a vital metric among others. Knowing the percentage of users coming back to your app will help you find two things.

  • First, what keeps your users coming back
  • Second, what forbade your users not to visit your website

3: Identifying Churn Rates

The number of users that lost and you know nothing about what caused it and not able to establish the relation.

4: Identifying Session Length

It helps you understand how much time a user spends on the app each session. It’s crucial to know what keeps your users engaged and what’s not.

Session Length = the time users long-in to the page/app/website + the time users logged off from the page/app/website

Steps to Increase App Users Engagement

These four metrics indirectly and directly indicate what keeps your app or website away from your users. We will introduce the strategies that help you increase user engagement and retention rates.

  • Seamless Onboarding Process
  • Additional Features Integration/Customization/Personalization
  • App Monitoring
  • Examine Location-Based Insights
  • Consider Coupons, Discounts or Incentivization Program

1: Seamless Onboarding Process

A seamless and efficient onboarding process is highly crucial, and it decides how your users interact with your application. Here are something you can do to improve it.

  • Ensure the number of steps it takes to sign up for the app is minimal
  • Log-in with Facebook, Gmail, etc. will increase users’ interaction with the app
  • The onboarding process should be quick and straightforward
  • Showcase what value your users will get
  • Include a guide if necessary to help users make the best out of the app

Most importantly, make sure it is bug-free and performs well per users’ expectations. A 3-second slow app can keep 70% of users away from your website. 

2: Additional Features Integration/Customization/Personalization

If your app analysis indicates users leaving your app for want of appropriate features and personalization, you need to adhere to their requirements. Once you build an app, the next job is to monitor your app closely and find out what feature and personalization will keep your users engaged for longer. For example, if you have a healthcare application, you need to explore if your app requires additional features or AI module integration to make it more interactive.

3: App Monitoring

App monitoring is vital that most vendors ignore. Developing an app is different, while making your app is totally different. You need to monitor your app. No doubt, mobile app development companies offer support for a period of time, “Dash provides one-year free support and maintenance” you also need to keep monitoring your app and maintain the app as per trends and customers’ demand.

4: Examine Location-Based Insights

Having an insight always bring improvement. In other words, data insights in app development are as important as building an app itself. You can get location-based data insights, find out what niche to target next and attract users to your app. Even this is important for the development team when they build an app and integrate features that your business needs.

5: Consider Coupons, Discounts or Incentivization Program

Last but not least, it’s not technical but for branding and marketing purposes. Initiate a loyalty program, offer discounts, or make your users feel incentivized. These options are pretty popular to keep your users engaged significantly increase retention rates.

Final Thoughts

I hope you have understood the technical aspects of increasing users engagement on your app and maintaining retention rates. If you have an existing application, grappled users’ engagement issues, then remaking or redesigning your application is the way to go. You can connect with us any software development companies having established team analysis of your app and help you with the possible solution. In the case of Dash, you can connect right here.

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