Top Business Benefits of React JS Web App Development

Top Business Benefits of React JS Web App Development - Dash Technologies Inc

Summary: When it comes to building a web application with interactive user interfaces, the ReactJS web development framework is considered as the most lucrative choice. However, you can reap the benefits of this framework when you know how it helps your business grow. So, if you are up with hiring React developers for your web app development project, the article is for you. Let’s explore;

The front-end development ecosystem is constantly evolving, with a set of tools and functionalities being released on a daily basis. The same goes with selecting the right framework or library for your project, as you find innovations every single day. No doubt, Angular is considered the default choice for developers and business owners when it comes to web app development, but ReactJS has already won the hearts of millions. 

As the web app development landscape, primarily JavaScript, is evolving, it is challenging for new-age startups and enterprises to cope with the growing trends. Despite having instability, ReactJS has successfully given an option —stable JavaScript is the next robust option for building web applications and user interfaces.

So, we have introduced the top business benefits of using ReactJS for web development, but let’s begin with the basics first.

ReactJS at Glance

Did you know React JS is the most used web development library in the USA, Canada, UK, and 155 other countries?

React JS is the most loved, dreaded, and wanted a library in front-end web development. It’s a popular open-source front-end JavaScript library, allowing developers to build interactive UI/UX. Released in 2015 by the top tech giant Facebook, the platform is equipped with easy-to-use features and libraries.

Furthermore, ReactJS makes it unique to develop robust web applications with optimal accuracy with next-level scalability, agility, and comfort.

Where does ReactJS Stand in 2022

A report by Statista said that ReactJS is the most prominent JavaScript Library now, overtaking jQuery, with 40.14% of respondents using the JS frameworks.

ReactJS is currently on the top of the JavaScript framework, and the report by the research firm is the testimony.

With 707,041 unique domains, ReactJS powers over 1,251,641 websites worldwide, including industry top business websites like CNN, BBC, and more.

Benefits of ReactJS Web Development

There are times when the web development frameworks like jQuery, Express JS, Django, Spring, Laravel, RoR, and others were the best choice for building a web application, and no doubt they are still the best choice. However, with the advent of ReactJS, web application development has received a dimensional change, such as the development speed, flexibility, web app performance, usability, and others. So here are the top benefits of using ReactJS for your web app development projects.

1: Supports Faster development

Speed, comfort, and convenience are the top choice of today’s tech-savvy generation. Whether startups or enterprises, they look for a web solution or web app development services that provide them with faster services, build reliable products, and quickly align with their business interest. ReactJS support speedier development and allows developers to build web application faster due to the parts of the application across both front-end (client-side) and backend (server-side). As a result, it boosts the speed of the app development process.

2: Flexibility Due to Modular Structure

When building a web application for enterprises, flexibility is the first thing that business owners explore. React JS comes with plenty of features and tools and enables engineers to manage the code quickly, while its modular structure bestows the ReactJS web application flexibility. That, in turn, becomes easy for business organizations to use the app, modify it, and keep their business thriving. Besides, flexibility saves a lot of time and cost in the long run.

3: Imitable Website Performance

Initially, when React JS was launched in 2015, there were rumors regarding the performance of the web applications built using the library. However, it has soon become crystal clear that the framework is designed effectively that provides high performance —thanks to the virtual DOM program and server-side rendering. These two features enable applications, even complex ones, to run faster across the browser.

4: Usability with Soft Learning Curve

With easy deployment, a soft learning curve, and clean coding, React is reasonably easy to accomplish. The usability of the web app development framework goes hand in hand, and even fresher developers can work on this library like a pro. However, hiring ReactJS developers with a good year of experience can make your project successful.

5: Reusable Components

Did you know React has a slogan, “Learn Once, Write Anywhere”?

That means you can build new features in the web application without writing the code. Besides, it has components that can be reused from one application to another or even for cross platforms. Reusing components come with another benefit in terms of saving time and cost. Developers do not need to write code for the same features they have already built. Most importantly, the other features built with the same components will remain unaffected when changes are made in part of the components.

6: React JS can be used in Mobile App Development

ReactJS is a web app development framework, many of us rightly believe this, but it an used for building mobile applications as well. Undoubtedly, Facebook has already released React Native framework for building mobile applications for cross-platforms. Our previous blog, “React Native vs. Flutter,” provided comprehensive detail and information about the technology if you want to understand this in detail.

Cost to Build a ReactJs Web Application

When it comes to explaining the cost of building React JS web applications, it becomes really tough for us to do so. The reason is there are plenty of factors that impact costs. For example, the cost of the web app development depends;

  • What you want to achieve with your app
  • Who builds your app
  • Number of features and their complexities

Usually, if you are looking forward to hire a React JS web app development company in the USA, you are supposed to pay $80 to $250/hr. The cost will differ from one software firm to another. Take some time to inquire about the company before hiring them; if you though the higher you pay, the better quality you get. Even a company offering $80/hr can provide reliable services; the firm offering $250 can ruin your project. Explore the company before taking a final call. More than that, you can connect with experts and get suggestions for your web app development projects.

How to get started building a React App

Are you looking to build a web or mobile application for your business? Create a project scope, connect with us and let us help you with the better implementation —whether it is to build the app or web app development consultation. Let’s connect today!

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