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Software Development Team

Quick Summary: As the demand for web development is increasing day by day, a business owner explores the potential of starting a web development project. But, to build a project, you need to have a web development team. Now, the question is how will you create a team? Who should be included in your team with what roles and responsibilities? For that, you need to understand the web development team structure.

Having a website or mobile application is the need of the hour, especially if you are running a business. The world is changing fast and only those with excellent web and mobile applications are turning dreams into reality and challenges into achievement.

So, are you considering building a mobile application or website for your business? No matter any option you choose, a well-structured website development team can make a difference. While you can always hire a web development company, the idea of hiring a dedicated web development team with specific skills and expertise can deliver the project your business needs. But how will you ensure the web development team you have hired meets your requirement?

To solve your issue, we have introduced the web development team structure with their roles and responsibility.

You need to understand the web development structure with their roles and responsibility. In this article, we have introduced the web development team structured web development team can make you stand out from the competitors, deliver infallible services, and make more sales and revenue. Read to discover more about choosing the right dedicated web development team.

Before we begin, here are some interesting statistics that will open your mind to the immense potential of web development.

Startling statistics about web and web development

It’s 2022, people still feel that websites boost credibility and the quality of the business. Thus, it becomes vital to at least glance through a few staggering statistics about web and web development. Mentioned here are the 5 most remarkable statistics:

  • It takes 0.05 seconds (50 milliseconds) for any internet user to form an opinion about the website. Within this short amount of time, the users determine whether they want to stay or leave the website. – Taylor & Francis Online
  • Retailers can lose £1.73 billion ($2.6 billion) in sales every year due to slow-loading websites.
  • 81% of American buyers rely on their research before they make a purchase decision. That means a website can greatly affect the purchase decision of a user. – Pew Research Center Study
  • As of Q2, 2022, 58.99% of global website traffic comes from mobiles. – Statista
  • As compared to desktop conversion rates, smartphone conversion rates are 64%. – KIBO
Statistic: Percentage of mobile device website traffic worldwide from 1st quarter 2015 to 2nd quarter 2022 | Statista

Benefits of hiring a dedicated web development team

Creating a web development team for your project is as important as understanding the web development process. There are many reasons why companies choose the dedicated team approach. If you want more efficiency, you should go with a small dedicated web development team that can work round the clock focusing on your project’s specific needs. Besides, let’s have a look at the various benefits of hiring a dedicated web development team.

Here are just a few great benefits that a dedicated web development team provides:

  1. Save time

    Building a website takes time. Thus, by hiring a dedicated team of web developers, you can have a quick turnaround time and ensure an optimized website! You can focus on your other important projects rather than deploy resources on unimportant ones.

  2. Shared responsibilities

    You can focus on your core business while the web developers take care of the website. You don’t have to spend time on designing, coding, or perfecting the website. All your strength will be utilized to run the business profitably!

  3. Dedicated support

    When you hire remote developers for your team, you’ll have dedicated support from the team. Plus, since you’re their only client, they will give you undivided attention and complete control over the workflow.

  4. In-house developers do the best job

    You can hire more experienced developers who will be able to build a better website than hiring freelancers or agencies.

  5. Minimal training requirements

    If you have a remote development team like an offshore web development company, there is minimal training required. These development teams usually have more experience than other teams as they will have worked on multiple projects.

  6. Take care of your requirements

    The dedicated in-house team will work solely on your web development needs. You get a team that’s built just the way you need, with the freedom to switch up or down at any time.
    In brief, you don’t have to remind the team about your requirements over and over.

  7. Saves HR costs

    Outsourcing online development jobs to a remote team saves on HR costs and makes it easy to get a dedicated, fully managed team.

Steps to build a dedicated web development team

A dedicated web development team has a quick turnaround time. They can leverage your resources to the best potential and adopt the changing technologies efficiently. Besides bringing remarkable complementary skill sets, the team works with your business goals in mind and deliver a strong, reliable, and robust website.

So, if you’re considering building out a remote development team, these are some tips to keep in mind while hiring:

Have clarity regarding roles of team members

Be clear about the roles and expectations you have from each member of your remote team from the start. This will help set them up for success. Let them know what the limitations are and if there are any specific project needs that can significantly affect their end product so they can have all of the information they need to do a quality job.

Have clear communication channels

Setting a clear set of communication channels is important to keep teams and work expectations clear. The following are the best channels according to us

  • Basecamp & Jira work for project management
  • Slack channels for daily communication
  • Google calls or Microsoft meeting calls for daily scrum meeting

While choosing the communication channels be sure that your dedicated team has experience of using these channels.

Qualities to have in your team

You choose a dedicated web development team based on the people you hire in it. Here are some qualities you should look for when hiring employees for your team.

  1. Team Players: This is an important quality and every team member should be a team player who takes on any project as if it’s their own and knows how to work as a team to solve any problems they face.
  2. Skill set: The team members should have all the required skills for developing a website.
  3. Communication skills: When working with a dedicated team remotely, communication may be a challenge. It’s important that the employees you hire for your team can communicate effectively and easily.
  4. Motivation Level: You won’t be able to monitor your team members closely. Hence it’s important that you choose ones that are self-driven and motivated.

Dedicated web development team members

So, we explained the basics that you need to understand while creating a web development team. Now, we shall explore the web development team structure. You need to understand a few things when we discuss the structure. So, here we go;

Project manager

A project manager is a person who takes care of everything, from project management to planning, development, implementation, deployment, and support. He is the one who makes the most crucial decision in the team and maintains the following things;

  • Coordinating with the team and keeping clients posted on project progress
  • Distributing projects, deciding times and deliverables

Requirements Analyst

A requirement analyst is a person who researches and fulfills the requirement of the project. He not just determines the needs of the project but also acts as a liaison between all stakeholders, managers, and the development team.

UI/UX designers

UI/UX designers program and design UI/UX to deliver the best user interfaces that perfectly represent your business objective. The designers must have experience working with a wide range of business niches so you can get the benefits of their versatility.

Web and mobile developers

Web developers or mobile developers are crucial to the web or mobile app development team structure. In fact, they are the backbone of the team as the whole things that define your project revolves around the developers. You need to figure out a few things: for example;

  1. What expertise do you need for your project?
  2. Do you need front end developer or back-end developer, or both?
  3. What tech stacks do you need for your project?

Based on your project requirement, you can make the decision. Or when you approach a web or mobile app development company, you must keep these factors in mind.

QA and testing specialists

Testing is the most crucial part of web or mobile app development. They are the ones who go through rigorous testing of every web or mobile application. Therefore, they have a very responsible job and keep you.

A web quality assurance specialist is an individual who ensures that software, websites, and other digital products are developed and tested systematically. The QA specialist is usually the first to see any problems with a product, which gives them an opportunity to fix it. Ensure that your QA specialists are well versed in various manual as well as automated quality assurance practices.

In Conclusion

We hope you have found everything you wanted to understand about choosing the web development team. No doubt, hiring a dedicated development team, albeit understanding the web and mobile development team structure, will give direction to the hiring team from the software development company. If you want to understand things in detail or hire a web development team for your project, we can help you serve all your purposes under one roof.

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