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Software Development Outsourcing: Growing More Strong Than Ever

Software development outsourcing is becoming more common as new tech solutions continue to disrupt the way we do business. Many professionals use it to cut costs, increase revenue, and develop valuable goods. With the growth of IT services, we can expect even more organizations to turn to outsourcing software development project as a cost-effective way to […]

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How to Integrate Payment Gateways in Mobile Apps- A Complete Guide

A payment gateway is a smart product that enables online payment transactions. For example, when online users book hotel rooms, buy clothes, or book taxis via a mobile app, they transact through a payment gateway. Before we get into the details of integrating online payment gateways into mobile apps, there’s one thing to keep in mind. You […]

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Operating Room of the Future: Dash Transforming Today’s Challenges into Tomorrow’s Opportunities

Welcome to the Future!! The future of healthcare requires coordination between hospitals and technology companies that design next-generation technology. The COVID-19 pandemic forced nearly every industry to adopt new skills and technologies to survive in a global marketplace and, quite literally, survive a pandemic. Could Dash deliver on a greater vision? Yes, Dash revolutionizes how […]

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