Startup Dash unlocks speed
to market for startups.

We help you bring your ideas to life so you can start capturing
opportunities, learning from real customers, and growing – fast.

Startup Dash’s proprietary
process delivers innovation
quickly and accurately.

You’ll envision, build, and run more innovative and efficient businesses when you take advantage of our proprietary processes combining agile development and sprint project management. With 50 developers in-house and 100 offshore, we’re local if you want it, but global if you need it.

Unmatched freedom and flexibility

Dash provides development as a service (DaaS) delivering programming and coding on a project basis that connects machine learning, data science and artificial intelligence to apps, websites, existing products, or future concepts.

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We listen, then act.

Starting up? We’ve been there. Our Project Managers know what it takes to achieve success, fast. Most projects are completed within 90 days.

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Dash delivers speed and accuracy
for startups.

Our unique, proprietary software development process gets your
startup from idea to launch, faster.

Startup Dash Training and Support

We’re sharing guidance, ideas, and inspiration on how you solve your startup problems and overcome obstacles. From funding, to branding, to business planning, we’ll help you accelerate your dreams – from ideation to revenue generation.

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