RPA: A Revolution in Business Process Automation

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) can carry out repetitive, high-volume, and laborious tasks faster and more accurately.

Dash empowers people whose ideas, thought, and focus make the companies they work for great. We deliver a refined Digital Workforce Platform making work more human by automating business processes and liberating people. If you happen to be an enterprise looking to streamline and automate processes, the time to act is now.

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Enable scalable and responsive processes for increased efficiencies and RoI

Dash Technologies delivers a holistic Digital Transformation approach with automating the manual and tedious tasks through Robotic Process Automation. We deliver intelligent RPA solutions that help you establish superior industry standards.

We are the fastest growing Software Outsourcing company in the US. We employ the Top 1% IT Talent in the region to create solid engineering teams that provide end-to-end delivery of Technology Solutions.

Our RPA Services

RPA Discovery

  • Start With Awareness, Assessment Readiness¬†
  • Define Your RPA Roadmap¬†
  • RPA Platform Test Drive

RPA Consulting

  • Identifying Processes
  • Identifying Optimization Approach
  • Automation Rollout Roadmap
  • RPA & OCR Tools Identification

RPA Workflow Automation & Designing

  • Mapping Manual Processes to Automation
  • Classifying Intervention Models
  • Automation Architecture Design
  • Custom Framework Design

RPA Implementation

  • Cognitive Automation using AI/ML
  • Bot Development
  • Workflow Orchestration and Governance
  • Rollout Validation and Planning
  • Business Continuity and Scaling

Automation Monitoring and Support

  • Bot Management
  • Failure, Disaster Recovery and Risk Management
  • Opportunity Discovery and Management
  • RPA Trainings

Saving 80% HR Costs By Transforming Employee Onboarding using RPA

Our customer is a US-based manufacturing company that needed to automate its entire employee onboarding process through Bots plus improve the user experience. Dash Technologies worked as their dedicated RPA implementation partner to implement bots per process as various departments are involved in the employee onboarding process including the HR, Admin and the IT teams, which are needed to create role-based profiles and grant privileges to the specific detail of allocating the right software system and application to the employee.


80% cost reduction and time savings by automating the entire onboarding process by beginning with retrieving employee details from email and creates user IDs and default passwords for the required applications on behalf of the IT teams.

Onboarding using RPA
Procurement Automation

75% Increased Business Efficiency with Procurement Automation

Our customer is a UK-based real-estate developer that needed to simplify its procurement process and needed to get better business visibility through automating manual tasks. Dash Technologies worked as their dedicated RPA implementation partner by automating SAP Procure-to-Pay workflows using Robotic Process Automation.


Our services has helped improve the operational levers of both quality and efficiency. The process turnaround time has gone down by 75% and accuracy of data is no longer a point of concern. The process is more optimized and better orchestrated now that a centrally operated bot is responsible for overall execution.

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