Among 20 Most Popular Promising Providers of 2021 in January issue

COLUMBUS, Ohio (Feb. 15, 2021) – Dash was named among the 20 Most Popular Promising Providers by CIO Review magazine, which is the Navigator for Enterprise Solutions.

“This is an honor for Dash and follows our work in machine learning, data science and artificial intelligence for enterprises,” said CEO Shani Bhavsar, who did an interview that you can read here:

The magazine is a trustworthy information platform for the C-suite executives, trade specialists, IT buyers, and different decision-makers to share their valuable insights concerning new technology trends within the market.

Bhavsar talked about growth plans, and revenue, which he expects to double every year fore the next four, as well as his model within the Development as a Service (DaaS) community, where Dash is a leader.

Dash was listed as the No. 1 fastest growing company in Columbus and is a global professional services company focused on helping businesses optimize their data through custom software offerings. By leveraging a unique, consultative process and an agile development approach, Dash translates business challenges into technology solutions.

It delivers programming and coding tailored to each project and has expertise in everything from complex custom coding for enterprise accounts, as well as start-up and emerging companies.

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