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We offer open source EMR/EHR software development services that promote interoperability, improve doctor-patient communication, streamline clinical workflows, and maximize clinical productivity amongst healthcare organizations. We develop interoperable EMR/EHR software solutions to manage everything from operational tasks, electronic documents, customizable chart templates, clinical dashboards & reports, appointment schedules, patient profiles, prescription lists, and distributed access control modules

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What is an open source EMR?

EMR stands for electronic medical records system Practices use this type of system to document patients’ medical histories. Using this software, hospitals and smaller practices can record and track their patients’ treatment and health. These systems are sometimes referred to as electronic health records (EHR)though there are some differences between these system types.

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    Benefit of Open Source EMR/EHR:

    Benefit of Open Source EMR/EHR:
    • Patient Profile – Monitor, track and upload your patient’s medical records, diagnostic reports, prescriptions and much more.
    • E-Prescription- Send E-prescriptions to your patients and keep the record of the whole treatment process.
    • Diagnostic Reports- Instant access to diagnostic reports along with doctor notes to all the stakeholders.
    • Progress Reports- Get a visual representation of the progress made by the patient throughout the treatment with custom notifications configured for any abnormality.
    • Medical Record Department- Keep trail of your physical files of old records along with new digital medical records of the patient and make sure nothing goes missing.
    • Medicinal Administration Request- Maintain MAR worklist, medication administration, enable order list for Drug intent and manage frequency & Time mapping.
    Create a Paperless Hospital:
    • Specialty Focus- Customized templates as per specialty empower the hospital staff to quickly process the patient data.
    • Confidential Templates- Create confidential and protected templates for sensitive information.
    • Admission Request- Raise admission request of the patient accompanied with supporting information.
    • Admission Request- Raise admission request of the patient accompanied with supporting information.

    Open Source EMR/EHR Solutions

    We develop custom interoperable EMR and EHR software solutions to improve medical history data storing, streamline digital prescriptions, receive lab results faster, expedite treatment plan information, and so much more in a centralized database. Advanced scheduling allows clinics to create repeating events, automated-workflows triggered by check-in, and patient reminds.

    e-Prescribing- Enter a prescription into an encounter and have it electronically sent to the patient’s pharmacy.

    Medical Billing- Integrated billing supporting  ASC X12 Version 5010 Transaction and Code Set Standards.

    CMS Reporting- Generate reports with just a few clicks.

    Lab Integration- Have lab orders automatically sent to a lab and integrate the results into a patient’s chart automatically.

    Clinical Decision Rules- Navigate complex patient algorithms using the clinical decision rules engine to ensure the highest quality of care for patients.

    Advanced Security-  fine-grained access control objects, and industry-standard password hashing helps to protect your practice from intrusion.

    Multilingual Support- Available in over 30 languages, and customizable to add more.

    OpenEMR Advantages

    OpenEMR is the most popular open source electronic health records and medical practice management solution. Open source software solution for medical practices with a commitment to openness, kindness and cooperation.

    • Own Place. Own Server.
    • On-site
    • On-permises

    Run OpenEMR on your own servers on location.

    • Cloud-based
    • Cloud-supported
    • Cloud-locate

    Deploy OpenEMR to the cloud.

    • OSI Certified

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