Modern Healthcare Challenges and AI/ML Solutions

The healthcare system worldwide has always faced challenges and life changing innovations have helped to overcome those challenges. We’re currently experiencing an innovation in healthcare that will forever change how we treat patients and view hospital systems in general. The U.S healthcare system is taking measures to improve outcomes and lower costs with tech innovation through Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Data Science.

Technology has been a part of the healthcare system for decades (in fact, it has never been without technology), albeit only 7% of Americans are satisfied with the current system.

Artificial Intelligence, with its subset Machine Learning and Deep Learning along with IoT and Big Data, will change the public discourse in coming years. The change may not be sudden, but it will change everything in healthcare. A smooth and gradual transition is already taking place with things like AI in the new “Smart Operating Room”. (Built by Dash Technologies)

This article will precisely explain the challenges that today’s healthcare is facing and how technology solutions, like Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, effectively solve.

Radiology and AI


Radiology is one of the most challenging specialties and healthcare is struggling to get the scans done on the first try. The goal is to minimize exposure to patients with this equipment.

If patients move or the scans are rushed this can minimize accuracy and prolong exposure. 

The staff must work diligently and professionally to avoid these situations.

AI Solutions

Radiology equipment powered by Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning software will deliver accurate and high-quality images quickly. With AI/ML software, healthcare organizations can perform radiology without making patients wear any physical equipment to control body movement.

AI for Administration Workflow Automation


Hospitals spend a lot of human resources, time, and money managing administrative tasks. Keeping doctors and nurses away from paperwork and saving valuable time for patient treatment is a challenge but ultimately the goal. There are many administrative challenges that hospitals face every day such as:

  • Rising costs
  • Hiring the right talent
  • Protecting against cyber attacks
  • Expanding telehealth

AI Solutions

AI provides the perfect solution for all these challenges. Here at Dash Technologies, we help healthcare systems and medical device companies by building AI-powered data management solutions that help them correctly treat patients and organization data.

For example, Computer-assisted documentation can make it easy for doctors to save time and stay focused on their patients. AI with ML can help businesses automate administrative tasks and make them easily accessible for doctors, nurses, and other staff.

Dash is a software development powerhouse who specializes in AL/ML and Data Science. We can help you build AI software that helps:

  • automate administrative tasks
  • you manage patient’s data efficiently
  • in the decision-making process
  • improve patient outcome and satisfaction
  • increase ROI for the hospital system while lowering readmittance rates

Diagnosis Aid


Healthcare organizations are struggling with medical diagnoses, such as:

  • Detecting chronic diseases (early stage cancer)
  • Accurately scanning for critical findings in imaging
  • Flagging acute abnormalities
  • Prioritizing life-threatening cases
  • Predicting stroke outcomes

AI/ML Solutions for Medical Diagnosis

Even though AI supported diagnosis isn’t perfect, it‘s significantly helping medical professionals improve accuracy and make the most appropriate treatment plan. You may have heard that AI software solution can recognize skin cancer sooner and more accurately than experienced doctors. With its subsets of Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and neural networks, AI can help a doctor add to their already expansive knowledge of a specialty by comparing a patients circumstances to thousands of similar situations.  This can improve patient outcomes and treatment plans while also providing real life data on healing and remission rates.

With this tool in the arsenal of a highly trained healthcare professional, AI solutions could help save millions of lives every year while more efficiently managing chronic diseases. Research published online shows that AI software compared to 58 experienced dermatologists, showed a higher accuracy of cancer detection.   

Patient Monitoring

AI Solutions for Health Monitoring

Wearable health and fitness devices along with tracking systems powered by AI are becoming more and more popular in the healthcare system. In the smartwatch, there are plenty of AI-supported apps that assist in tracking daily activities. Similar apps can help with live monitoring and alert doctors at the time of need.

With the advent of AI, patient monitoring has evolved. AI-enabled patient monitoring devices help doctors get clear insights from unorganized data. With continuous tracking on multiple parameters, AI software efficiently detects the cause from a large amount of data.

Conclusion —The Future of Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare

Did you know that researchers are yet to discover the full potential of artificial intelligence, and only weak or general AI has been implemented in the healthcare systems so far?

AI possesses immense possibilities, and we are at the very beginning. AI in healthcare is an advancement that can save millions of lives a year if implemented correctly. If you are running a healthcare organization, you need to recognize its significance and implement AI solutions into your healthcare systems. 10 years from now we’ll look back and think how we were still in the dark ages of technology when it comes to healthcare systems and how they operate. 

Would you be interested in exploring how technology can improve your hospital? You can explore our portfolio and directly connect with us to get instant help. Whether you are looking for consultation, or support building AI software, we can help you accomplish your goals. Let’s connect.

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