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    Frequently asked questions

    1. How do I keep my intellectual property?

    We send you an NDA.

    2. How soon can we start

    Usually, we can start in the same month.

    3. Will I be part of the process?

    Yes, it’s totally collaborative, and we show you progress weekly.

    4.How do I keep from this spiraling out of control, cost-wise.

    Easy, we offer fixed price projects, so you know what it will cost and when it will be done

    5. What about maintenance after the launch?

    We don’t charge maintenance

    6. Who owns the project after it’s built?

    YOU DO! We hand over the code and the documentation. 

    7. Why are you more expensive than a freelancer?

    Dash is never the cheapest solution. Our process ensures quality … and we do apps all day every day, not just on weekends between other jobs. Additionally, if anything doesn’t work when we hand it over, we’ll fix it for free. 

    8. What’s the most important aspect I should think about?

    Quality. A bad app experience guarantees someone won’t return. So, put as much into it as you can from the very beginning. 

    9. Can Dash help me market, or promote?

    No, agencies do that. We’re not an agency, we’re a programming powerhouse. 

    10. Does Dash do programming in exchange for a percentage of profits.

    Sorry, but we can’t

    11. I’ve got content, but don’t know what goes where. Can Dash help?

    Yes, we are experts on workflow, or where information goes and how people navigate apps.