Dash Helps Medical Device Companies with Speed to Market

Dash is simplifying the needs of Ohio-based medical device companies by providing A-level software development in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Data Science. Dash just completed the most comprehensive project for the “smart” operating room for one $10b medical device company … and we’re bringing that expertise to every project. Ask us for a review of that project.

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What Dash Builds for Medical Device Companies

Dash provides Development as a Service (DaaS), delivering programming and coding for medical device companies on a project basis for apps, websites, existing products, or future concepts.

Our core skill set: Understanding the complexity of the medical device market.

What makes us different: Delivering success quickly and accurately through our proprietary processes as it pertains to medical device needs from the factory floor to the compliance and regulatory steps.

We’re Focused and Flexible with A-level experts

For healthcare projects, you need an A-level team of experts that can move fast.Our agile development methodology and unique project management approach helpsclients envision, build and run more innovative and efficient businesses.With 50 developers and programmers in our Columbus, Ohio headquarters and another 100 overseas, we’re always ready to support your needs with an average delivery time of just 90 days.

“ Medical Device companies live in two worlds: healthcare and manufacturing. We bridge both with a unique approach which I developed when I worked at Cardinal Health.


We Don’t Want to Be Your IT Department, We’re Built to Help It

Dash brings A-level programmers/developers/engineers to each project and can connect your initiative anywhere it needs to go: from SAP on the shop floor to Epic and Cerner; from hospitals to pharmacies; from doctors and nurses in the Operating Room. Clients in Ohio share their ideas and we help bring them to life.


We collaborate with device manufacturers from the shop floor where AI is needed to the
operating room where data is required. And everywhere in-between.

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How Can Dash Help with Your Medical Device Project Accelerate?