Make your Webstore Scalable with Magento 2.0!

Make your Webstore Scalable with Magento

Ecommerce business needs strategizing and managing countless issues in order to engage and convert users to customers in a quick, efficient and productive way. Magento, in comparison to other CMS’s, continuously facilitates growing business higher by providing smoother functionalities and enhanced shopping experience. Migration to Magneto gives online stores a complete makeover offering site performance improvement, streamlined interface of backend, flexible architecture, scalability, smoother navigation, responsive and fabulous theme and many more to add up on.

Flexible – Magento being the most flexible platform, suits every business needs with consideration to requirements, size and financial budget of each business.
SEO factor – Magento can be optimized in a much better way and page traffic managed easily, duplicate content, indexing is efficiently controlled.
Scalable – As Magento is coded in PHP, adding new features and augmenting solutions is extremely scalable.
Dynamic – Faster still simple interface makes it easy for users to search for products and make purchases.
Developer Friendly – Means easily adds pages, update existing content, link new pages to menu or further navigation tasks saving tons of a developers’ time.
Multi store support– Managing multiple stores via single, modern and user friendly Admin Interface and each store is designed and developed in a distinct style.
Mobile Friendly – In the present mobile era, Magento can be connected with the smart phones.

Magento 2 is flexible, fast and easy to adapt. Dive into boundless digital commerce by migrating to Magento 2.


Magento 2 migration services

Magento 2 decorated with advanced features offers unmatched performance, faster page load time, greater scalability centralized order management system and better security to help you succeed the digital commerce game. Being the pioneers of innovation in commerce, we aim to offer matchless Magento migration services to help our clients successfully grow their business on the strong grounds of Magento 2.

Whether the store is based on Magento 1 or any other Ecommerce platform, our team of certified Magento developers, experts and consultants make the migration process swift and hassle-free.

Dash Technologies offer stress-free Magento Migration Services from the old Store to the responsive and secure Magento 2 Store. We can migrate all the important data like orders, customer information, product catalog, etc. from the existing ecommerce platform to the latest Magento 2 following our simplified Magento 2 Migration Process.

There are numerous reasons to upgrade and perform the migration of all the data to Magento 2 store that needs to be considered before making decisions. Updating older Magento to a newer version every time performs bug fixing, enhances features and functionality, and provides better UI and faster performance. Magento continuously justifies by efficiently furnishing operations and offering smoother user experience to boost business growth.

Each phase of Magento 2 Migration Service is designed carefully for successful data migration without upsetting live Magento store environment.

The following data will be migrated under this service:

  • Websites and Stores
  • Categories
  • Attributes
  • Products
  • Sales Data -> Quote, Orders, Invoices, Shipments, Payments, Credit Memo, Sales Rules/Coupons
  • Customers -> Customer groups and Entities
  • Other Data -> Tax rules, zones and Rates, Catalog Rules
  • Reviews and Ratings

Why wait any further, get in touch with our experts for Best Magento 2 Migration Service from your Older Magento store.

Dash Technologies, has a proven track record of successful Magento store upgrades with zero loss of data in the best possible minimal time span. Our experienced Magento masters use responsive methods to accomplish 100% accuracy, bug-free results, and secured data migration. We have successfully upgraded Magento stores with 100% success ratio quickly and securely. Upgrade to Magento 2 store today and benefit from increased speed, functionality and security.

While Magento 2 offers a superb user experience, partner with us for an experienced Magento 2 migration service to make the most of this robust platform. At Dash Technologies, we offer fully customized Magento 2 migration services to accelerate your store’s performance and give it the sought-after competitive edge. We are backboned by our certified Magento developers who ensure that your Magento 2 migration is 100% accurate, bug-free and secure.

As established leaders in migrating stores we have successfully migrated many online stores to Magento with our years of experience and proficiency in the Magento platform. Our highly passionate and expert Magento developers optimize both project hours and our client’s investment by exercising best practices and time tested approach.

Move hassle free to Magento 2 without any bugs and data loss with our Magento migration services. For all your questions connected to migration to Magento 2, feel free to Contact us any time for a Free Consultancy.

We’re technology experts with a passion for bringing concepts to life. By leveraging a unique, consultative process and an agile development approach, we translate business challenges into technology solutions.
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