Innovation is a team sport

Innovation is a team sport

The most frequent questions we receive from companies of all sizes are about our speed and innovation. However, for artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data science companies, it’s not just about how fast your team can work. It’s about how fast your team works together. Curating a list of A-level developers, programmers, and engineers that know how to collaborate quickly takes real skill.

Seeing an opportunity

What do we mean? Recently, we worked with a client whose project was perfectly ripe with additional opportunities. However, a limited scope was what the client – a Fortune 500 company – wanted. We hit all the benchmarks, including every single hurdle in our sprint project management; the client was happy. It’s what entrepreneurs strive for, and Dash is filled with entrepreneurial minds.

But this one engagement gnawed at us.

Innovation through collaboration

One of our team members came from Microsoft, which has a practice devoted to supporting an ecosystem of innovation by other companies. That means Microsoft leaves intentional gaps in their products – a company can only build so much into a new version, after all.

Those gaps are offered to partners, who can then choose to address them with their own innovative solutions. Aelita successfully did this with several products in the Identity and Access Management (IAM) cybersecurity industry, eventually spurring their 2004 acquisition by Quest Software.

Aelita developed the Active Roles platform in 1999, and it’s still among the best-selling tools in the industry. It does something simple: delivers an automated user account and group management that overcomes the shortcomings of native Microsoft Active Directory and Azure Active Directory tools. 

So, when Microsoft ‘opens their kimono’ on a specific large product such Active Directory, they trust that partners, such as Aelita, Microsoft’s first-ever platinum partner, can build a business out of filling the gaps with their own innovations.

You don’t have to be asked to innovate

At Dash, we saw the opportunity, even if the client didn’t.

We put together a team of five people including our CEO, Shani Bhavsar, and over the course of four weeks, we filled that gap with a product that was so particular in filling a specific niche in the healthcare industry. Within two weeks, we sold the Intellectual Property (IP). We were able to see the niche opportunity due to our experience in healthcare. And we knew what to build in order to fill the gap due to our experience in development. That combination of experiences provided a unique advantage – a shortcut to innovation.

Having a team of A-level talent working in close collaboration to produce something within a short time frame that the market values at a six-figure level isn’t something new to Dash. It’s our standard for how we work. We didn’t just build a proof of concept (POC); we made a finished product.

“The real way you achieve intellectual property protection is by innovating fast enough. If your rate of innovation is high, then you don’t need to worry about protecting your I.P. because other companies will be copying something that you did years ago.”

– Tesla/SpaceX Founder Elon Musk

Dash agrees. By combining our industry and technical expertise, were able to create a game-changing technology so swiftly and with a degree of excellence that the market could immediately recognize the value. It’s that speed – the pure ability to think, innovate, elaborate, communicate, and collaborate quickly and in unison – which makes Dash different.

Why not try it in your shop?

Ask yourself: Where does your team have both intellectual property (I.P.) and skill set that is unique to your business (even if borrowed from another’s industry)? Something that you can see, understand, and act on; data that can change your world. And most importantly, how fast can you do it?

We’re technology experts with a passion for bringing concepts to life. By leveraging a unique, consultative process and an agile development approach, we translate business challenges into technology solutions.
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