How to Integrate Magento With SAP, ERP, CRM and POS

How to Integrate Magento With SAP, ERP, CRM and POS

A Magento API is a category of framework that provides developers and integrators good techniques to make maximum use of web services that best communicates with the Magneto system. The key features include support for Simple Object Access Protocol or SOAP and Representational State Transfer or REST.

Integration facilitates third-party services to call the Magento web APIs. The Magento APIs at present supports Accounting, Customer Relationship Management or CRM, Enterprise Resource Planning or ERP, Product Information Management or PIM, and marketing automation systems.

Features and Benefits of Integration

Ecommerce integration will be successful only if the best features of the ERP system and the ecommerce application reinforce one another. The real time information that is significant to selling via online portal must be timely available like the latest transactions are processed through the proper logistical and delivery channels are available. The integration applications by Dash Technologies can connect the gap between online and ERP systems with industry popular applications like Magento AX Connect, Magento GP Connect and Magento RMS Connect.

  • Multiple channels: If the company has multiple operations that are spread over various locations, warehouses and an online store, then the powerful integration of products is needed that Dash offers to maintain a comprehensive and very latest data overview of processes, spread across the enterprise. With real time integration, the floor sales team shall have the most recent pricing and availability information right at their fingertips.
  • Increased B2B sales: With Dash’s integration tools, the in store and online operations are able to recognize business customers that rate special purchasing options or a discount. This personalized service will strengthen the relationships that are very profitable.
  • Enhanced customer service: The increased transparency of organization’s operations allows delivering more customized services that satisfies consumer’s specific needs. Not only the employees have access to real time information, but also identify bottlenecks in inventory before time.
  • Diminished costs: Integration of ERP with ecommerce applications lets organization to maintain a 360 degree view of all operations that leads to greater efficiency and helps managers identify issues well in advance.
  • Reduce risk: Using the latest integration tools, organizations can be aware of the impending challenges on multiple fronts of local, national, or global markets. Strategic development includes all features of enterprise and minimizes exposure to risk.

Dash is a widely portent leader in powerful integration applications with wide-ranging experience in B2B and B2C operations. Dash is amongst the global business community’s most trusted authorities on ERP, CMS and OMS integration, serving many clients around the world.

Magento is integrated with Third party applications to bring in more benefits. Magento is an open source platform and being highly flexible enables integration with various third party applications like CRM, ERP, POS, etc. Having Magento connected to CRM, ERP, and POS allows keeping track of sales, inventory and customers all within one system that in turn gives more out of the existing investments. Hence making it an extremely powerful process as it does not need going back and forth for managing each piece of software separately and without worrying on what data is missing from each application.

Integrate Magento with your ERP

Magento serves as an excellent ecommerce tool to help augment the number of orders you get. The orders received begin a host of other processes from order processing, order fulfillment, delivery, inventory management to accounts. Usually, all received orders are manually entered into the ERP system for further processing. Being a tedious, erroneous and time consuming process can limit the business. It reduces the number of orders processed, customer satisfaction levels, and long order processing time. To make the most out of ERP system and ecommerce investment it is highly recommended integrating both the systems and automating the entire process.

Integrate Magento with CRM

With continuous sales over multiple channels it is very difficult to give a uniform user experience to customers. Nowadays customers purchase online and expect their issues to be solved at store or they order on phone and track the shipments online. They register on one occasion and expect to have their information available universally. It is crucial for businesses to have a centralized database with all customer information and order history. This can be attained by integrating Magento and CRM and automatically exchanging all the specified information between the 2 systems.

Integrate Magento with POS

In the present day customers expect a flawless shopping experience from brands regardless of the situation or channel they are shopping in. Customers are inclined to like stores where they are recognized and are treated like royals. This is made possible by integrating the ecommerce Magento store with the POS system. The order history, customer information and all other information is automatically synced between the two systems, enabling the sales team to take well informed sales decisions.

Integrate Magento with PIM

With a PIM solution providing family and attributes for the product facilitates better information management, categorizing according to the product family and exporting only the product family as required. The products in store in addition to text description and images consist of the product having different variants like size and colour, multi-select option, metric types, numeric, currency and a lot more. These attributes grant the product more information that is suitable for users. A better PIM solution provides much possible information about the product. Magento platform owns many attributes for the product along with custom fields.

Integrate Magento with SAP

Dash has created a system for flawless SAP integration with Magento that adds to this world leading ERP application via a vigorous online commercial operation. The ecommerce site utilizes real time integration to monitor warehouse inventories, payroll and accounting information supported by SAP’s powerful database systems.

Our unmatched expertise in integrating Magento stores with systems units and provides logic to the customer database. Magento integration with any of the above systems will drive your business to new levels of success. If you want to restructure your entire business process to maximize your profits through integrating your customer databases and more completely understanding your client’s base, please contact Dash Technologies Inc to resolve all your queries.

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