How is AI in Education Revolutionizing the Education Industry?

The goal of using AI in education is not to replace teachers but to offer them a helping hand in recognizing each student’s potential and limits.

Artificial intelligence’s effect as a powerful technology may be seen throughout a wide range of industries. To no one’s surprise, the global education sector is no exception.  Artificial intelligence is being used at several schools around the country. Teaching and learning have been transformed by the use of artificial intelligence in education to teachers, students, parents, and educational institutions.

Here are some figures to throw light on artificial intelligence in education.

• The AI in education market size exceeded 1 billion USD in 2020. It is expected to grow at a CAGR of over 40% between 2021 and 2027. (Global Market Insights)
• Artificial intelligence in the education market is expected to post revenue of 25.7 billion USD by 2030. (Prescient and Strategic Intelligence)
• The global AI in the education market is expected to reach 3.68 billion USD by 2023. (Markets and Markets)

COVID-19’s recent breakthrough has sparked a global demand for online education systems. Growing demand for online learning platforms has led to the development of innovative AI-based learning solutions. In the education industry, the COVID-19 has had a beneficial influence on AI because of the rising development of interactive e-learning platforms.

AI tools mostly comply with three basic principles:  

1. Learning: A person’s ability to acquire and absorb new information, as well as the ability to create.

2. Self-correction: Algorithm refinement to achieve the best outcomes.

3. Reasoning: A certain algorithm is selected to tackle a given problem.

And are presented in 4 primary forms:

The forms of AI in the first row are incapable of learning from their experience.

For every business, including education, artificial intelligence (AI) brings up a world of possibilities. It looks that adopting new technology will be one of the most effective ways to change your organization.

How to Implement AI in the Educational Sector?

When it comes to providing education to kids with a wide range of abilities and advantages, AI in Education is making significant advances. Thanks to digital learning solutions.

Time to talk about AI’s impact on education. I’ll give you some examples of how AI is transforming the education industry:

  • Personalize Learning and Education

Using artificial intelligence, teachers may be able to create courses that are specifically customized to each student’s learning.  Students’ knowledge needs can be identified, and a tailored study plan is created for each student based on the results.

  • Provides Smart Content

It is possible for AI-based software to evaluate and efficiently manage large amounts of data since there are various learning resources available on the web to get the appropriate info for students.  There are a number of ways AI in education may benefit students with the personalized cloud platforms that offer virtual training, conferences, and other additional educational services like:

1. Digital lessons

In addition to digital textbooks, AI can assist in the creation of customizable digital learning interfaces, study guides, and much more.

2. Content updates

As a result of AI, the material of the courses may be created and refreshed, keeping them up-to-date and customized for different learning curves.

3. Information visualization

Numerical simulations, visualizations, and web-based study environments are all powered by AI.

  • Contribute to Automation of Administrative Tasks

Artificial intelligence (AI) offers enormous promise for automating and simplifying administrative tasks for both professors and organizations. In the classroom, Instructors spend the most time on administrative chores like evaluating essays and grading assignments, and providing feedback to students.

Artificial intelligence (AI) may also be used to streamline the admissions process by automating the processing and classification.

  • Do Tutoring

As unique study programs are constantly being developed, students’ gaps are being filled through personalized courses. Because AI tutors do not require to spend extra time explaining difficult concepts to students, they are a great time saving for the mentors.AI chatbots or virtual power assistants can now help students avoid feeling humiliated by asking for help in front of their classmates.

To know more, read our blog: AI Voice Assistants: How Voice Technology is Creating a Contactless World in 2021 (Post-Pandemic)

  • Assure Access to Education for Students with Special Needs

Selecting cutting-edge AI technology opens up a variety of new methods to connect with students with learning disabilities, such as those who are deaf or have trouble hearing and those who have autism spectrum disorders (ASD) or are visually impaired. So, AI tools can be successfully used to assist any group of students with specific requirements.

  • 24/7 Availability of Digital Assistants 

AI assistants are bringing this to a whole new level of intelligence.  As a result of chatbots, students have access to professional assistance 24/7 whenever students require expert guidance.  During real-time conversations, they respond to questions and clarify doubts. Conversations with these AI assistants may be conducted via chat platforms, and the results look and sound like they’re taking place with a human being. They are easy to use, quick, and accurate.

How to Implement AI in the Educational Sector?

Your educational institution is willing to implement artificial intelligence solutions? This requires a clear understanding of the long-term aims and limits of the current system. It’s pointless to invest in AI if you don’t know what you want to achieve. When this happens, you’ll either have to hire AI experts to bridge the talent gap, or you’ll have to outsource the responsibility to a machine learning consulting company.  You should engage a third-party firm as soon as possible if you plan to do so. As a result, the aims and services of your institution will be aligned.

Why Choose Dash for AI-based Education App Development?

Derived from Dash Technologies, the education market may benefit from new and powerful AI programs. Educators may improve their teaching methods with the aid of powerful AI and machine learning. If you have any business ideas, please let us know.

Several online tutorial companies use our AI mobility apps and e-learning apps for the education sector. Connect with us to learn more about our AI services and solutions for the education market.

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