Flutter App Development Costs: All Expenses You Should Consider

Summary: Are you looking for a mobile app development company for building a mobile application for your business? Hybrid app development can be your best bet. Not just from cost and time but also from a performance perspective. Flutter is the most favored technology to build hybrid applications to run across both iOS and Android platforms. Let’s explore the Flutter app development costs in detail.

Did you know mobile app downloads were expected to reach 230 billion in 2021 and are likely to rise to 7.26 billion by 2022?

The increasing demand for mobile applications has kept developers busy creating apps while entrepreneurs calculate app development costs. Cross-platform app development is gaining momentum and taking over native app development. Cost-effectiveness and faster-to-build applications are the top reasons vendors choose hybrid applications over native ones. There are technologies, such as React Native, Flutter, and others that enable developers to build high-quality hybrid applications with a native feel.

In this blog, we are going to introduce what Flutter is and how much does Flutter app development costs.

What is Flutter?

Introduced in 2017 by Google, Flutter is the most demanding and reliable framework among hybrid technologies. It is popular because developers can develop Android and iOS mobile applications without requiring them to build separate codebase.

There are plenty of hybrid technologies, but Flutter is in the top 10 most popular frameworks tech arena.

Source: Statista

The popularity of the framework has grown up significantly in the recent few years. Earlier, React Native used to be the most favored library for building cross-platform mobile applications. But, Flutter has given the brutal fight.

Flutter App Development Cost in 2022

There are plenty of factors involved in app development costs. Don’t trust us if we say you have to spend 10,000 U.S. dollars for fluter development. Yes, unless we know the requirement and the project scope, we cannot tell the accurate app development cost. However, we can help you understand the average Flutter app development costs.

Primarily, the app development cost depends on various factors, such as;

  • Project complexity
  • Number of features
  • Your technology partner
  • And where your app is getting developed

A standard app with simple features will cost you anywhere between 10,000 USD to 20,000 USD.

A Flutter app with Median complexity will cost anywhere between 26,000 USD to 34,000 USD.

Software with complex features will cost anywhere between $41,500 to $55,000 or even increase as the project scope changes.

Factors Affecting Flutter App Development Cost

The factors we have given above are just the limited ones; there are plenty that we can explore to estimate the perfect cost. Let’s move further and see the possible factors and how they impact development costs.

Development Time

Development time is one of the most significant factors that impact costs. No doubt, flutter app development time is less as compared to native app development. As Flutter is a cross-platform framework, the engineers need to write a single codebase that can run across both platforms. That means developers can build two apps for cross platforms, such as Android and iOS, in the same time a single native application takes. It will take even less time if a skilled team builds your application.

Number of Features

Features differ from one application to another. In Flutter app development, the more features you have, the more time it will take to build the application. You need to define the project scope to come up with a defined feature list. Suppose a standard Flutter app will take 4-5 days to build the features. However, if it is different, the time depends on its numbers.

Complexity of Features

The complexity of features and your app will affect the cost to a great extent. The more complex the features are, the higher price you need to develop. Features are a crucial part, as we have discussed in the paragraph above, and their complexity will decide how many skilled Flutter developers you need for the projects. Standard features require semi-expert engineers, while complex features like chat, video calls, payment integration, and others will need highly skilled and experienced developers.

Where and Who Builds Your App

App development cost differs significantly depending on where and who builds your app. That means if you are outsourcing your app to other countries, the price may be based on the average cost charged in the region. For example, you have a development team in the USA; the charades may be approximately $150-200$/hour. The same thing will differ when you hire developers from Ukraine, India, Canada, the U.K., or other European countries. However, there are plenty of countries that offer cost-effective development services, but you need to ensure reliability, and you get the work completed by the deadline.

We are U.S. based mobile application development company, and we provide Flutter app development services at a highly competitive price.

Cost of Hiring Flutter Developers or Hourly Costs

This, again, will differ from one developer to another and one company to another. The cost of hiring a Flutter developer will range between $20 to $250, depending on developers’ regions and skill/experience level. Something similar will happen when you approach a software development company with different engagement models, and the charges will depend on that. However, they will also offer similar $20 to $250/hr. Now, it is up to you whether you want to go with individual developers or connect with a mobile app development company to build the project.

How is Dash Technologies Inc. Your Best Bet?

We have flexible engagement models which we offer to clients based on the requirement. The development cost ranges between $30 to $50, and they are negotiable, and final development charges will be applicable once we go through your project and understand the requirement. We provide Flutter developers on an ad-hoc basis. For example, you can hire Flutter developers on an hourly or monthly basis, and the cost may differ in each case.

Final Thoughts

We have given comprehensive information on hiring or building Flutter developers and applications, respectively, and you must have understood each factor in detail. So, suppose you are considering making a hybrid app for your business or looking to build an application. In that case, we have a team of experts that include UI/UX designers, Flutter developers, Testers, business analysts who can help you develop your app ideas into action.

Let’s connect with us today and the best app built by a great team.

We’re technology experts with a passion for bringing concepts to life. By leveraging a unique, consultative process and an agile development approach, we translate business challenges into technology solutions.
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