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Enterprise mobility solution actually refers to employees using their own mobile devices to improve productivity of the company.

Enterprise mobility is one of the modern approaches to work wherein employees do their jobs from any location using a variety of devices and applications. This facilitates workers to function outside offices and work on the field along with telecommunicating even without leaving their homes and without any compromise on the performance.

Dash Technologies offers a covered approach that passes through users, networks, devices, applications, data, and policies. Enterprise mobility management or the EMM and other related technologies have been developed to help IT departments allow mobile workers and to tackle security risks.

Our consulting teams on Enterprise Mobility helps organizations identify a well-built and standardized use policy for employees that even add to a successful enterprise mobility strategy. With escalation real estate rents and commuting costs, many of the organizations are encouraging employees to work away from the office. According to a GitHub survey in 2017, around 43% of GitHub users are telecommuting.

  • While Enterprise Mobility comes with its own challenges, data security is the biggest concern now. How the organizations are assured that no data leaks from users who work outside the secured limits of an office network?
  • Other than the security there is even the issue of performance. How can one guarantee equal performance that is be compared to a vigorous office network?
  • Again there are challenges to cover on tech support. How possibly can support reach to a salesman on the field who hundreds of miles far from the office site?

Dash Technologies provides answers for all the above questions. We offer best devices of the breed along with software and services that are used to deploy them in the process.

We’re technology experts with a passion for bringing concepts to life. By leveraging a unique, consultative process and an agile development approach, we translate business challenges into technology solutions.

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