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Duel Shore Development

The Onsite-Offshore Model, also known as the dual-shore model, takes advantage of onsite and offshore services to deliver results to clients at reduced costs. One of the most popular to have emerged so far, this model maximizes efficiency in resources and costs. Ideally, 20%–30% of work is done onsite and 70%–80% is sent offshore, depending upon the criticality of the project. Its benefits include near 24-hour work cycles; the ability to structure and assemble teams with diverse, multiple skill sets; lower-cost resources; and the ability to quickly scale (up or down) depending on the requirements.

The Onsite-Offshore Model owes some of its success to the fact that it enables clients to directly interact with the service provider through the onsite team and simultaneously enjoy the benefits of off-shoring. The Onsite-Offsite Model also has its own set of challenges — project management and administration costs, optimization of cross-cultural communication, and the supervision of onsite teams.

Key Benefits

  • Flexible engagement contract
  • Scale up or down resources depending upon requirement
  • Complete devotion to your business objectives
  • Direct contact and availability at your place
  • Transparent visibility
  • No communication gap due to direct interaction
  • Reach anytime for any problems

This model works best for the product development in which your idea will be discussed on day-to-day basis with the onsite project co-ordinator. This will help client to transform their visibility into reality efficiently because of direct face-to-face daily conversation. Also it helps solving any problems due to direct accessibility of the team member. Also this gives direct visibility of who is doing what work on different planned milestones.

This model works best for:

  • Software Product Development:Usually this model works best for software product companies for whom we setup end-to-end development facility working as extension of client’s team.
  • Existing Overseas Software Development Houses:
    We setup extension of client teams in India for IT companies in US. This helps our client round the clock development with the time difference.
  • Expansion to Client Team at Onsite:
    We setup extension of client teams at US and give them cost effective business model which helps them to build solution efficiently without any communication delays.

For clients who wish to associate with us for long term this is the best model where savings ranging up to 80% on costs can be achieved.