Dash Technologies is a global professional services company focused on helping businesses optimize their data through custom software offerings.

We’re technology experts with a passion for bringing concepts to life. By leveraging a unique, consultative process and an agile development approach, we translate business challenges into technology solutions.

Whether you’re a start-up, or a Fortune 500 company, we’ll deliver programming and coding tailored to your project, so you can focus on the vision—and let us handle the execution.

Our core skill set: Listening.

Where we excel: Speed-to-market.

What makes us different: Delivering success quickly and accurately through our proprietary processes.

Our Mission

To be the most trusted technology provider in the Development as a Service (DaaS) business while driving positive transformation for our customers, no matter the technology platform.

We know that change can be difficult to navigate, and with technologies constantly evolving, we are determined to be your most trusted technology collaborator on an ongoing basis. Even as we continue to grow rapidly, we’re committed to maintaining the same honest and reliable values that we were founded on.

Our Vision

In our modern world, technology is the international language of business, and we believe we can bring inspired solutions to every conversation—whether you’re new to technology, or fluent in every programming language. No matter where you are in your journey, we’re your go-to resource that adds creative problem-solving, friendly communication and a relentless force of positive energy to everything we do.

As technology accelerates in the next decade, the platforms increase, the programming languages double and the amount of data grows faster and more complex. We see room for a company that can translate it all – simply – and guide our clients into selections that work for the long term.