Woven Connect- Home Care and Deliver Health Services Conveniently

Woven Connect is a mobile healthcare app with unique features to deliver homecare treatment to patients across the USA. The app helps Woven Home Care teammates provide evidence-based advice and high-quality care to the patients. Woven Home Care teammates can capture essential information about patient health, medication adherence, in-home tasks, and more with appropriate tools and app support.

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Client’s Requirement

Building an application for nurses and other teammates, including patients, to deliver the best-in-class home care treatment services was the motive behind creating this Woven Connect mobile application. The client wanted to create a handy mobile application that even a non-tech-savvy user could get familiar with. So, they selected us (Dash) to build web and mobile applications. We heard their requirements, suggested the right technologies and features, and sent them a proposal that included everything we delivered. The client liked the proposals, and the project was assigned to us.

Our Approach

We work through processes to maintain transparency, and in every process, our clients remain in the loop. So, we set up a team (headed by team leaders and a project manager), tools, and PMS (Project Management System). The client approved everything we suggested, including project scope, deliverables, cost, and timeline. First, we created the prototype, wireframe, and UI/UX. The client was in the loop in every process, and each step was taken with the client’s approval. Our development team used to have daily standup meetings with the client and discussed the project progress on a daily basis. The rest of the part (client communication) was handled by our project manager and CTO. We build the project using agile and sprint methodology.


It wasn’t a new experience for us as we have built plenty of similar applications. But, we had the challenge of satisfying our client’s needs. The client wanted to have:

  • Interactive UI/UX
  • Integrate API for data
  • Strong database
  • Robust security

Solutions and Tech Stacks

We had already decided on the technologies and development platforms. So, we did not face many issues in delivering the requirement that our client wanted. Here’s the solution we provided to solve the client’s challenges;

  • Microsoft Azure for backend.
  • Swift to build Native iOS application.
  • Integrated third party API for security.
  • SQL for database.

Top Features

It was the most experiencing part as we got to integrate unique features as suggested by our research team and the client. No doubt, the app contains basic features too, but they are only the required ones—for example, Log-in, Sign-Up, etc. Let’s look at the features we integrated into the project.

  • Log-in
  • Live chat
  • Patient Record
  • Nurses Records
  • Contact Us
  • Sign up
  • Patient History
  • Patient Precautions
  • Carers Record


Even though you need log-in credentials to go through the application’s design, we have got some screenshots of the design we have created.


We work with passion and passion not just for building the best app but also to deliver the app that gives the best results while aligning with the business scope of the client. Here’s what our client informed us about the outcome.

  • 78% ROI in 6 months
  • 1.2 Lakhs nurses registered with the app
  • 5 lakhs patients served monthly
  • Flawless services, continuous support

Platforms Like Woven Connect Leading Startup Sector

The app offers nurses and caregivers a handy tool that delivers the best home care services to patients. The app can be the best medium to keep the healthcare and treatment process streamlined with the best services. If you have a similar idea or want to build a similar application, then we can be a resourceful help to transform your idea into a successful application.

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