Tumai: A Perfect Online Marketplace to Buy and Sell!

Tumai is a mobile application for mapping capabilities to manage proximity between buyers and sellers based on nearby locations. This app is specifically designed for the unique needs of those living in South Africa. It will be a marketplace where sellers can post their goods in different categories such as – Electronics, Furniture, Food, Clothing, etc., and buyers can view goods/products information. Tumai is the best fastest browsing simple, small app that changes your mobile listings browsing life!

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Client’s Requirement

Our client Youssouf Ali wanted to create a community marketplace platform in South Africa that lets you buy & sell everything from fashion, beauty products, headphones, furniture, books, luxury goods, cars, bikes, & home services. He wanted to create a secure platform to buy & sell second-hand products to the users. While searching for software development firms online, he approached Dash Technologies with his idea to build a mobile app that perfectly serves his purposes.

Our Approach

Dash team proactively focused on improving the processes to make them more efficient and successful, saving time & resources, and delivering the best results without compromising quality performance.

We work through processes to maintain transparency, and our clients remain in the loop every cycle. So, we set up a team (headed by team leaders and a project manager), tools, and PMS (Project Management System). Our client Youssouf Ali approved everything we suggested, including project scope, deliverables, cost, and timeline. He was in the loop in every process, and each step was taken with his approval. The project was completed by the deadline as specified by our client.


We had done all our research and gathered resources in advance, so we did not face any significant challenges in building this project. But yes, we had the challenges that our client has shared. He wanted:

  • Branding & logo.
  • Web Admin panel – For administration and monitoring of the app’s user base.
  • Inventory management for a maximum of 10 categories like – Electronics, Furniture, Food, Clothing, etc.
  • Google Map API feature for location.
  • To add the French language.


We had some tough challenges and took a couple of sleepless nights with our project managers, quality analysts, and developers. However, it was done nicely. Dash provided the following solutions for the Tumai app:

  • Buying and selling used goods.
  • Mapping capabilities to manage proximity between buyers and sellers based on nearby locations.
  • Managing marketplace of current offerings of goods.
  • Ability to communicate within the app via Text message or Voice message.
  • Google Map API for location.

Features & Specifications

The app consisted of two categories: Buyers and Sellers. Most features were similar for each panel, with a few unique ones. Here’s the list of features we built for the project:


  • Become a seller
  • Register as a seller
  • Log in as a seller
  • Create seller profile
  • Create post
  • My posts
  • Edit profile
  • Logout


  • Become a buyer
  • Register as a buyer
  • Log in as a buyer
  • Turn on GPS location
  • Product listing screen
  • Product detail screen
  • View seller/business profile
  • Logout


We implemented our research insights into a lean and agile design process. Let’s explore the design engineered by expert designers:


The result was a super successful mobile app. The key benefits realized by the client as a result of the successful project include:

  • Allow buying/selling 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Users can view the dropdown on the home screen to choose a language from options “English” & “French.”
  • Allow customers to be able to access products anywhere, anytime.
  • Help you market your products and services.
  • Increase customer engagement.

Want to Develop an E-commerce App Like Tumai?

Tumai is the fastest-growing app to buy and sell locally. It’s straightforward to find potential buyers and sellers; you can almost find anything you’re looking for. Want to build a similar or relevant app like Tumai? Dash Technologies is a leading mobile app development agency developing custom mobile apps for iOS and Android platforms. Get in touch today!