Tucson Unified School District:

Located in Arizona, United States, our client Tucson Unified School District is the largest school district in the state, serving nearly 50,000 students. The vision is to take care of other schools by providing students, parents, and teachers with the knowledge, skills, and facilities to be successful in careers and life. Because everybody has mobile moments throughout the day, Tucson’s mobile strategy and functionality now manage all state-level schools.

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Client’s Requirement

Tucson wanted to build a platform to create and maintain long-lasting relationships between school staff and parents. They wanted to have something that can be used through a mobile app. Their technical team was busy figuring out which applications would be needed and what priority, amongst the seemingly countless options. For insight into overall app usage, Dash was able to explore, engage, and experience its full potential with a mobile app.

Our Approach

The goal of this mobile app development is to drive parent-school engagement through strategy implementation and provide opportunities for staff and parents to build authentic relationships to improve students’ academic and socio-emotional development. Keeping this evolved success model in mind, Tucson needed Dash to catch up with the times to share different materials for students, volunteers, and parents related to the multiple activities that belong to the school.

Utilizing Dash Technologies’ continued support, Tucson’s goal of keeping students engaged during their schooling and far into their future careers is realistic and fully achievable.


The mobile app development field has become quite popular. The age of mobile devices is here, and they are here to stay. Tucson was challenged with implementing a consistent special solution through a mobile app to meet a wide spectrum of student needs while also providing training and support for up to 80 schools. In this project we have faced some of the main challenges, which were:

  • Framework
  • Notification (Email & Push)
  • CMS control
  • Multiple User Engagement
  • Multi-language Support
  • Audio & Video Feature
  • Application Testing
  • Third-party Integration


The Tucson mobile app is a one-stop app for students, parents, and teachers to communicate and collaborate toward better outcomes for students. The App provides students, parents, and teachers with quick, easy, and secure access to a variety of online tools in the palm of their hands. Dash came up with solutions like:

  • Registration
  • Funding
  • Managing All State-level Schools
  • Collaborate in Many Competitions
    across the State
  • Scholarship Programs
  • Events for Students
  • Information Sharing
  • Medical Services

Top Features

Dash delivered top innovative features and specifications, including:

  • Multi-language Support
  • Scholarship Information
  • Let’s Talk
  • Health Concealing Support
  • Volunteer Opportunities
  • Medical Emergency Notifications
  • Headless CMS
  • Articles, Videos, Blogs, News
  • Event Management
  • Job Portal
  • Mental Health Support


We implemented our research insights into a lean and agile design process. Have a look:


Dash began its journey with the simple idea of wanting to make it easier for schools to truly connect and engage with students, parents, staff, volunteers, and the community at large. That’s how Tucson can be connected through a mobile app and offer easy access to the information anybody needs the most.

The key benefits realized by the client as a result of the successful project include:

  • Students/Parents/Guardians/Volunteers can Connect
  • Dynamic Functionality
  • Azure Environment
  • Latest Info for Audience
  • Portability & Accessibility
  • Student-driven Approach
  • Ease of Access
  • Real-time Notifications & Engagement

As we remain steadfast in our strategic growth of product offerings, solutions, and markets we serve, a model of engagement and innovation will always be at the forefront.

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