Truck and Driver : The Ultimate Trucker’s Companion

As the demand for shipping large hauls across the United States continues to grow, there are a few issues the trucking industry has to address in order to meet demand, none more pressing than the need for outdated systems of communication to evolve.

Tyshawna Harris, the owner and Truck and Driver, realized that the efficiency of booking hauls, communicating with other truckers, and finding reliable platforms to lease and rent commercial trucks needed to be improved, so she reached out to Dash Technologies to help her build an app to do just that.



When Truck and Driver came to Dash Technologies, they knew they needed a partner who could collaborate with them to actualize their vision. From safety and connection points to creating a database of information, Truck and Driver wanted to build the ultimate trucker’s companion. In doing so, they presented Dash with four central challenges:

1. Safety: Truck and Driver wanted to create a database of reliable online carriers, so that no illegitimate carriers could utilize their application.

2. Health: Ensuring that the health of the vehicle and the health of the driver was a priority, so Dash was tasked with equipping a central logistics system to monitor driver performance.

3. Assistance: Drivers needed to have assistance in order to help plan work, find loads, connect with other drivers, and receive alerts about safety, weather, and traffic conditions.

4. Security: Whether it’s managing inventory or collecting information on traffic, security is key to ensuring a delivery and Truck and Driver wanted to be sure that each of their drivers was safe in the process.


After going through their requirement and market analysis, Dash went to work on finding the best ways to strategically meet Truck and Driver’s expectations by building a mobile app which was feature filled but still easy to use. Dash provided the following solutions:

  • Integrated tracking and evaluation functions for the vehicle
  • A voice assistant to receive and dial calls for the occupied driver
  • Alerts for seat belt, fuel status, and vehicle health status
  • Administrative and driver dashboards in order to track deliveries and daily progress
  • Reminders and notifications about job details

Features and Specifications

The Truck and Driver App is a useful sidekick to any truck driver’s journey. By delivering a customer-centric experience, Dash Technologies made sure to pack the Truck and Driver App with features real truck drivers and their customers could use, such as:

  • Demand Support
  • Transparent Pricing
  • GPS Tracking
  • Advanced Booking
  • Streamlined Vehicle Selection
  • Online Payment Transactions
  • Live Tracking between Drivers and Customers


Truck and Driver owner Tyshawna Harris wanted to create an app to connect truck drivers and their customers, while also giving truck drivers the tools to succeed on the road. Dash Technologies exceeded the expectations set forth by Truck and Driver and created an application that can eliminate paperwork, reduce delivery times and cost, optimize dispatches and routes, and help you keep track of where your load is heading.

About Dash Technologies

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