Trestle: Come & Teach with Us- Become an Instructor and Change Lives

Hiring is challenging in any profession, however, there’s an extra burden when hiring teachers since they’re the ones who largely determine whether children will love or hate school. Teachers are also responsible for imparting essential social and developmental skills to children. For adults, a good teacher can be the differentiating factor between being a hobbyist or a virtuoso.

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The necessity for instructors, tutors, and other teachers was never more crucial than during the pandemic. Students needed individual support, professionals wanted to improve their skills, and many people wanted to develop a new talent. Trestle saw these needs and sought out a partner to help them create a way for educators to connect with those who wanted to learn.

Trestle chose Dash Technologies Inc. as a partner because of Dash’s hands-on experience in developing breakthrough applications for the education sector.

Trestle brought these specific challenges that they wanted to address in their new application:

  • Ease of operation:
    The design of the app needed to be both accessible and user-friendly.
  • Quality of Information:
    A safeguard so only people with the qualifications to teach and instruct were allowed to do so.
  • Flexibility:
    Each lesson on the Trestle app was to be personalized to the students capabilities, schedule, and other necessary accommodations
  • Inclusion:
    Trestle wanted to make it easy for anyone in the world to be able to learn, so in designing their app, they stressed the importance of inclusion across the globe.


After going through their requirement and market analysis, Dash went to work on finding the best ways to strategically meet Trestle’s expectations by building a mobile app easy for instructors to teach on and easy for students to learn from. Dash provided the following solutions:

  • Setting up an information-gathering process in order to identify instructor pain points while teaching to develop a better built app.
  • Provide multiple avenues of instruction. Whether it’s online or in-person, the mobile app was designed to make the learning process smoother.
  • Offer various learning categories, i.e., music, sports, language, arts, tutoring, and professional courses.

Features and Specifications

Trestle and Dash Technologies did not work together to build a mobile application that was built for just anyone, rather they built an app designed to connect the right student with the perfect instructor for them. To help them do this, Dash integrated these specific features:

  • Instructor searching based on geographic location but not limited by the location
  • Individualized one-on-one learning
  • Built-in safeguards to prevent illegitimate instructors
  • Teaching based on efficacy levels


By actualizing Trestle’s vision, Dash was able to collaboratively build an app where instructors can share their knowledge with students and transform how they approach a subject. No more large classrooms, limited availability, or difficulty navigating an app to learn. Rather, with the Trestle app, people can go from passive listening to active engagement quickly.

About Dash Technologies

Dash provides Development as a Service (DaaS), delivering programming and coding on a project basis that connects machine learning, data science and artificial intelligence to apps, websites, existing products, or future concepts

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