Totem: The Future of Concert Sharing

Totem, a live concert and music sharing social media app, is creating a community where all music lovers can share, like, and comment on their friend’s live music moments. From videos and pictures on feeds to Spotify integration and more, concertgoers can stay up-to-date on what friends are doing and keep their concert moments on one easy-to-navigate platform.

In 2019, Tanner Peery and Lucas Yeager, the creators of Totem and avid concert goers themselves, developed the idea for Totem after going to a live concert and sending photos and videos to their friends. Both the founders realized that besides their group chat, there was no platform where they could share live music moments and reminisce with friends, especially not one that organized their favorite moments.

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Lucas and Tanner, having design and conceptualization knowledge but a lack of technical expertise, ran into a few challenges when first developing the Totem app. These challenges included:

  • Creating an initial logo.
  • Building a UI/UX design and framework.
  • Developing functions for Totem that heavily invested in user experience.

To address these challenges, the partners reached out to mobile app development companies across the United States. After interviewing over 15 companies and a handful of freelancers, they eventually chose Dash Technologies as their mobile app development partner.

“Ever since the initial interview with Mark [Wallinger], we felt at home with Dash. We felt like we made the right decision and have been pretty happy ever since.” – Lucas Yeager, Cofounder of Totem


Since Lucas and Tanner had already developed a target audience profile, they were able to work collaboratively with Dash to build a mobile app geared toward future users of the Totem app.

Solutions provided by Dash:

  • A hybrid application that could work cross-functionally across multiple platforms.
  • A social media application integrated with Spotify API.
  • A secure and organized location for concert and live music moments.

Totem is the first app of its kind. Developed for live music and concert lovers by live music and concert lovers, Totem combines the communicative elements of a social media platform and the collectiveness of a niche community to create an entirely new, fun-loving environment.

Features and Specifications

Totem and Dash worked together to create a mobile app that was cultivated to the taste of live music and concert lovers. With Totem’s creativity and Dash’s execution, the team at Dash developed and integrated these original features:

  • A customizable profile for app users according to music taste.
  • A social media feed to post videos and photos and interact with others.
  • A memory section to upload and organize past concert moments.
  • An event section so music lovers can keep up with events happening around them.
  • Built-in Spotify integration, so users can show their friends what they are listening to in a snippet format.


Totem is now live on the Google play and App store stores and increasingly growing in popularity across the United States. Currently, Lucas and Tanner are building a Totem community in California, and then taking their campaign across the United States

If you’re a concert lover, consider checking out the Totem website and downloading the app!

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