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Tontinapp is an Android and iOS-based application that provides a platform where users can post content just like any other social media applications, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. The users can post content and share it with friends, groups, and project members. In this app, users or investors pool their investments mutually and use them for a common goal.

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Client’s Requirement

Our client Bienvenue Achingui wanted to give investors the confidence to pool their investment with other investors to promote a habit of savings and track the amount invested. He told us to fine-tune the UI/UX designs for the existing website ( & wanted to make this app available for Android and iOS. He asked for a Web Admin Panel where all the administrative work would be taken care of to monitor the activities of the application. He has engaged the services of Dash Technologies to convert his idea into reality.

Our Approach

We heard our client patiently, and after a brief team meeting, we approached him with the final proposal that included everything, from wireframing, design, and features to development, deployment, and cost details. The client appreciated our effort to bring his vision to life and gave us “Go Ahead” in his response.

We created the prototype, wireframe, and UI/UX. The client was in the loop in every process, and each step was taken with the client’s approval. Our development team held stand-up meetings with the client and discussed the project’s progress daily. The project was completed by the deadline as specified by our client.


Our client wanted to create a mobile app to chat, communicate, invest, and trade. Dash has faced some of the main challenges like this, which were:

  • UI/UX designs
  • Disburse payments
  • Order Management
  • Notifications for payments
  • Web admin panel
  • Social hub page
  • Embedded QR Code


After the research and analysis phases were completed, to tackle the issues mentioned above, Dash decided on the solution for the Tontin app, where users or investors pool their investments mutually and use them for a common goal. We came up with the solutions like:

  • Send group messages to the group members.
  • Send messages individually to the members.
  • Send audio, video, text, and images to the users.
  • Ability to delete a message for themselves or everyone.
  • Edit group policy, group privacy, short description, and group name by the group admin.
  • Make group audio/video calls and add members to the call.
  • Reply to specific messages by swiping right on them.
  • Receive reminders on the due payments.

Technology Stacks

  • Frontend (Android/iOS)- Flutter
  • Backend/Database- .Net & SQL
  • Admin- Angular

Features & Specifications

Dash delivered top innovative features and specifications, including:

  • Login/Signup
  • Short Description of the Group
  • Set Privacy (Friends or Public)
  • Add New Group Members
  • Change Profile Image
  • Create Group
  • Post Content
  • Set up Profile Image
  • Create Group Events
  • Mute/Unmute Notifications

Design View

We implemented our research insights into a lean and agile design process. Let’s explore the design engineered by expert designers


The end goal is to make the application interactive for all the Investors pooling their money into different platforms, making it easy for each other to meet their goals.
The key benefits realized by the client as a result of the successful project include:

  • Filter requests between connection requests, message requests, project participation requests, group participation requests, etc.
  • View all analytics on the user’s savings, contributions, and targets.
  • View all payments made by the user for different projects with a date.
  • View and download receipts for all payments made.
  • A separate tab on the screen to display the portfolio summary, which shows analytics (pie charts) showing current contributions versus the total remaining contributions as shown in the source document.
  • Forward One-to-one message to another one or multiple contact(s) and or group(s).
  • Forward group message to one or multiple contact(s) and group(s).

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