The Lounge: Plunge into the World of Sports!

The Lounge is a popular sports app that helps sports fans stay updated with their favorite teams. The actual focus for this project was to make the app fun and engaging, make interaction with other sports fans easier, and introduce features to drive more engagement.

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Client’s Requirements:

Our client has supported various sports like NBL, NFL, MLB, Volleyball, Tennis, and Soccer as their strategy to build the brand. Hence, he wanted to create a hybrid app for users looking to get real updates for their favorite sports. The goal was to improve the fan’s overall experience, create an aesthetically pleasing UI, and include additional features like news, live scores, results, stats, and more to provide more value to its users.

Our Approach

Once we get “YES” from client, our project manager created team for the project. Our business analyst went through market analysis and created a refined project scope for the project. The project scope was approved by our client. Next we created MVP design and UI/UX based the research and trends.

The project was segregated into many tiny parts and distributed among each member (based on their skills and expertise) of the team. The Dash team proposed a Hybrid mobile application using React Native technology to develop the solution that works on the iOS and Android platforms. We focused on enhancing the mobile user experience and serving users directly, delivering the information they demand with personalized updates.


Some of the main challenges developing this application were:

  • Establishing a social network for sportsmen with React Native.
  • Integrating Third-Party API to bring live score.
  • The developers are asked to offer a heap of features.
  • The client needs to ensure that the app is scalable and is capable of handling the massive influx of traffic.
  • To develop an application for users through which it would be easy for them to identify the sports events of their favourite team in a new city or the city they are travelling to.


We love challenges and that’s the reasons we often get highly complex project. Even Lounge was no different. We had some tough challenges and took a couple of sleepless nights of our project manager and developers. However, it was done nicely. Dash provided the following solutions:

  • Third-party integrations like Facebook/Google login to make The Lounge easier to set up and use.
  • We spent hours and even days to select the right API suitable to the app and the technology (React Native) it is based on.
  • Built a sport based system where users can select teams.
  • Google firebase and apple push notification services to efficiently implement on mobile apps.
  • Programmed some interactive features, such comments or debate on ongoing matches.


The key benefits realized by the client as a result of the successful project include:

  • Within 90 days, the app became the talk of the town.
  • The app is having an edge over its competitors (they were created long before the Lounge).
  • Real-time updates and “Live Score” of popular sports, like football, basketball, tennis, baseball, rugby and hockey set this app apart from others and the reason to become the most popular app in the region
  • User-friendly interface kept users engaged for longer.

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