Transforming Traditional Homes Into Smart Houses Through IoT Automation

Dash Technologies expertly built an intelligent home automation system controlled via mobile app using BLE technology. By leveraging multiple layers of security and communications to connect all Internet of Things (IoT) embedded devices, homeowners can seamlessly control and monitor their homes, no matter where they are.

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The client wanted an IoT platform for widespread residential use that would be compatible with multiple devices so users could manage home appliances. In the search for a technology development partner, Dash stepped in to bring the client’s prototype to life using Raspberry PI, Ionic, NodeJS, Socket Programming and JavaScript solutions.


Dash delivered an all-in-one cloud-based software application that provided automated control of devices like coffee makers, lights and cameras. The smart home solution also ensured safe and secure communication and data transfer across all linked IoT devices. Additional features included:

  • Remote access from anywhere around the globe
  • Integrated GPS systems for location details
  • A streamlined dashboard to control everything from a single view
  • Automated locking and unlocking of all doors in the house
  • Smart lighting control
  • Security monitoring cameras that can be turned and modified remotely
  • Smart entertainment system
  • Temperature control through A/C timer
  • Automatic shutoff of unused applications

Features and Specifications

We delivered a highly customizable solution with an elegant, clean interface.


Our home automation platform not only offers quick on-boarding of new devices but it was also designed with safety, security, efficiency and convenience at the forefront. End-users can enjoy:

  • Cost and energy savings with an all-inclusive dashboard to analyze energy consumption data from multiple connected smart devices
  • Enhanced safety with motion detection features, cameras and locks that can be controlled from any location
  • Increased efficiency with the ability to perform tasks simultaneously, or turn off appliances not being used

About Dash Technologies

Dash provides Development as a Service (DaaS), delivering programming and coding on a project basis that connects machine learning, data science, and artificial intelligence to apps, websites, existing products, or future concepts. We’re technology experts with a passion for bringing concepts to life. By leveraging a unique, consultative process and an agile development approach, we translate business challenges into technology solutions.

Whether you’re a start-up or a Fortune 500 company, we’ll deliver programming and coding tailored to your project, so you can focus on the vision—and let us handle the execution. Want to see what we can do for you? Contact us at

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